£2,000 Golf Club Custom Fitting: The Truth Revealed!

He or she can uncover the truth behind £2,000 Golf Club Custom Fitting with insightful explanations and in-depth analysis.

£2,000 Golf Club Custom Fitting: The Truth Revealed!


Rick Shiels, a prominent figure in the golf community, recently delved into the world of custom fitting by undergoing a £2,000 custom putter fitting with Ping. Known for his expertise in golf equipment reviews, golf instruction, and engaging in challenges with top golfers, Rick aims to assist golfers in enhancing their game through insightful coaching videos covering various facets of golf.

Rick Shiels’ Specialization

  • Rick specializes in analyzing golf equipment to provide detailed reviews.
  • Through his instructional videos, he assists golfers in rectifying slices, hooks, driving longer distances, hitting irons more accurately, and improving chipping and putting skills.
  • Rick’s experiences in playing against top golfers offer viewers entertaining and informative content.

The Custom Putter Fitting: Unveiling the Process

  • The custom putter fitting with Ping cost Rick £2,000, with a significant portion allocated towards the putter itself.
  • Despite the steep price tag, the fitting process, lasting over an hour, lacked profound scientific measurements.
  • Rick was presented with a putter featuring a distinct design personalized with an etched RS logo, a black shaft, and a specially selected thick grip for optimal performance.
  • Testing the putter on the greens, Rick appreciated its aesthetics and feel, though he found the unboxing experience somewhat lackluster considering the investment made.


In conclusion, Rick Shiels’ exploration of the £2,000 custom putter fitting experience sheds light on the intricacies and nuances of tailored golf equipment. While the process may not have been as comprehensive as expected, Rick’s candid review provides valuable insights for golf enthusiasts looking to enhance their gear.

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