Why the Slice is the EASIEST Golf Shot to Fix

A golf slice should be one of the easiest golf shots to fix, so why do so many amateur golfers struggle with a slice? This video dives deep into the cause and effect of why we continue to slice the golf ball, and we give you 3 great golf tips to fix that nasty golf slice once and for all!


How to Fix a Golf Slice With Irons

Today we’re going to talk about what causes a golf slice with irons and how to diagnose it, and 3 easy tips on how to fix it. And at the end, we’re going to give you a great drill specifically for your long irons to cure that slice and become a better golfer.

Topics to Cover:

How to Diagnose a Golf Slice with Irons
– what causes a slice in a golf swing?
– how do you recognize a golf slice?
– how to know you’re not hitting your irons straight
– what is a good checkpoint in your golf backswing?

What Causes a Golf Slice?
– what causes a slice off the tee?
– how do you fix a slice with your driver?
– what is a good drill for driver slice?

How to Correct a Golf Slice with Irons
– what causes a slice with irons?
– how do you grip a golf club to fix the slice?
– how do you cure a slice?
– what are some golf tips to fix your setup?

How to Stop Slicing Long Irons
– how do you stop slicing the golf ball?
– how do you hit your long irons straighter?
– what is a good tip to fix your slice with long irons?

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