The Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder Shines

Are you looking for the best range finder on the market? If you are then you are well advised to look a bit closer at the Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder. Yes, there are many golf range finders on the market offered by manufacturers claiming to deliver a high quality model only to eventually release a device that falls flat. That is not the case with the Bushnell Tour V2. This model is packed with a wide range of features that will certainly boost your ability to get the most out of your golf game be it a hobbyist pursuit or tournament play.

Choosing The Only Complimentary Golf Rangefinder – The Hybrid

Bushnell is known for crafting some truly brilliant golf range finders on the market. Usually, when you read a review of the best range finder on the market, you will find the Bushnell name likely mentioned.

What Sets the Callaway LR550 Apart?

So, what is it that sets the Callaway LR550 apart from all the other golf range finders on the market? That truly is the million dollar question. The LR550 does have a lot of competition on the market. Why should you select the Callaway LR550 over the others? The short answer is it remains a highly advanced device which can boost your potential to keep your golf score down. Why it does this is worth a closer examination….

Top 3 Results For Owning A Golf Range Finder

No More Guessing the Distance of Shots. Not having to guess the distance of the shot is another obvious result of using a golf range finder. The technology of laser range finders can ascertain the distance from the tee to the hole, helping the golfer with club selection and with their swing. With the PinSeeker on the Tour V2 enabling golfers to know the precise distance to the flag, golfers can focus their energy on hitting the ball while not trying to figure out the distance.

Easy Way To Solve Golf Swing Fade and Hook Problems

I don’t know how many times I have been out on the golf course and seem to strike the golf ball pretty solidly with the club and then it either starts to fade or maybe it starts to hook on me. What causes the fade or the hook in the golf swing?

Ryder Cup 2012: The Grand Championship Turns 39

The Ryder Cup, the extremely prestigious golf tournament, is all set to turn 39 with its next tournament in 2012. The 2012 Ryder Cup, like all the previous seasons, will be played between teams from USA and Europe. As is the tradition, the 2012 Ryder Cup will have no prize money involved and the players only compete for the coveted Cup. The tournament dates back to 1926 when it began following an exhibition match between American and British teams. However, it was only in the year 1927 that the first competitive match was held. What began as essentially a golf tournament between Britain and America got extended to include more teams from Europe like Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, and Sweden.

Ryder Cup Golf Championship: Booking Your Tickets And Planning Your Trip Properly

The Ryder Cup is a very important and one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world today. It is played once in every two years and is played between teams from USA and Europe. The Ryder Cup is organized and managed by the PGA of America and the PGA of Europe, while the venue keeps alternating between USA and Europe. Any golf enthusiast will be keen on acquiring Ryder Cup tickets on time so that one may bear witness to the greatest players of Golf, battle it out against each other, for the coveted cup. It is interesting to note that though the tournament rakes in a lot of money from sponsors, the winners play only for the cup and are awarded no prize money. The Ryder Cup takes place over a period of three days – generally Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So when one is planning out one’s golf trip to the Ryder Cup, one has to make arrangements for all the three days, in order to make the most out of the tournament experience.

The 39th Ryder Cup Golf Championship: All That You Must Know

In the world of serious golfing, the Ryder Cup is a metaphor for hard-earned respect. This is probably one of the biggest golfing tournaments that decide the fate of golfers from America and Europe. What elevates its prestige is the fact that the grand prize does not comprise of cash. It is the Ryder Cup itself and of course the fame attached to it. This tournament repeats itself every two years and the site for the game usually alternates between America and Europe. In official parlance, it is known as the Ryder Cup Matches and its history of conception dates back to the 1920s. What started out as a competition between English and American golfers gradually extended to include the other European nations as well.

3 Proven Practice Techniques That Will Lower Your Golf Score

I used to wake up every weekend bright and early with visions of birdies in my mind. I would eat a nice breakfast, hop in the car, and drive to the golf course. However, once I got there and had reached the third of forth hole I often wondered why I hadn’t just stayed in bed.

Ryder Cup: A Grand Golf Vacation

Planning a nice golf vacation doesn’t always only involve information about golf. The sport is no doubt the main objective of the sport but nevertheless there are several other factors to be included in your planning. In this way, you will not only find the best suitable golf course but also a perfect holiday destination to take your whole family along with you for the vacation. When it comes to the special golf vacation it becomes even more important. You must be able to find yourself the best golf vacation deals for and most importantly, the Ryder Cup tickets. There is nothing like being lucky enough to have the most spectacular view of the Ryder Cup tournament, one of the premier golf tournaments of the world.

Ryder Cup Trivia: Know More About This Premier Golf Tournament

The Ryder Cup is a Premier golf tournament where the two teams of Europe and United States compete with one another. The name of this tournament was given after an English businessman and golfer, Samuel Ryder, who donated this cup. A tournament, held every two years alternates its venue, once at USA and next at Europe. When the tournament is played at Europe, the venue is always in UK. There have however been exceptions like in the year 1997 and in the year 2006 when the tournament was held at Spain and Ireland respectively. It is held under the joint administration of the PGA of America and the PGA European tour.

Must Attend Championship Golf Tournaments

Championship golf tournaments always manage to draw a large audience given the fact that the world’s best golfers take part in these tournaments. For them, winning or even participating in such championships is a matter of prestige and for golf enthusiasts, watching the matches of the tournament is an accomplishment in itself. Generally, these championships see the participation of mostly male golfers and therefore, one can say that it is a male-dominated sport. But surely enough, this trend is changing with time.

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