20 Golfers play for £5,000 – Winner takes ALL!


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I've come down to my old College to find Out who is the best golfer there's 20 Talented students and we've set up five Knockout challenges at the end of the Day there's gonna be one winner and They're gonna walk away with 5 000 Pounds Okay first challenge it's a three foot Four if you get it in you go through if You miss you are out so here we go first Competitor and knocks in with ease come On Jake Nice I don't expect any of these Talented golfers to miss this three foot Port however they need to get through This easy challenge first because each And every round the challenges get Harder that's a successfully got it in The hole is anybody gonna miss this talk Shawn is the last one or what's the Heart rate like 100 miles an hour [Music] [Applause] Very simple from this bunker you get on The green you progress through to next Round who has got the confidence and the Skill every one of these golfers can do This without the pressure but can they Do it when there's five thousand pounds On the line Oh oh very good [Applause] I love that shot Oh wow

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[Music] How'd you feel there's no words to Describe that feeling there you are the First golfer eliminated [Music] Oh He's out Mason Mason fun favorite eliminated what's Your chances head out to 10 50 50. on Hopefully I'll tell you after Oh no No professional They practically blew out of the end There Grace pressure is mounting hit it On the green and you are our last Competitor through yeah yes I have to Bunk around done we lost a few there but There's still plenty to go through to Round number three So here we go Challenge number three and The challenge is you gotta carry it 75 Yards eight will go through this round And eight will be eliminated it's that Simple first player up for the first C That's not bad 71 yards very strong start Oh 91. Oh that looks good 86. 82. 79 Oh so it might be a bit chunky 78 New leader move on down

That should be good 76. so far eight of The 16 players have hit Joe in number One seat is only one yard away from 75 Yards Ryan is 16 yards away he'll do Well to get through to the next round The next eight players mission is try And win a seat to the next round does Everyone say bye to Ryan bye Or it's a bit of a pull Wow a double elimination Luke you've Just knocked out Sophie and Grace that Looks very good 81 bye 81. There might be a playoff here okay next Up is Adam I've heard a lot of great Things about his golf let's see what he Can offer 78 it's looking like we might see more Adam in the next round [Music] It's a bit tanky and he's got away with It it's 73. you've just knocked three Three of them out with a shank so this Is it the final player now if he gets it Under six yards we've got a playoff for The last two seats there because they're Both on six [Music] 75. You take a lot of pleasure of moving Every one of those players up a seat Okay playoff time Sean versus Ellis one Shot each Oh that looks very good

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77. all right Ellis you've got a one Yard tolerance either side of 75. Oh that looks very good 83 surely shoots an extra house so here We have it the eight Hot Seat players They all go through to semi-final I must Admit the level of golf is really Impressive so this is it the semi-final Eight players left and they are playing For a chance to win the 5 000 pound cash Prize I'll be honest there's a few Players that's starting to stand out to Me Sean Owen Adam and Joe I think They'll do pretty good in this round the Challenge is very simple the two golfers Nearest to the flag go through to the Final right first player up Sean Oh it's low spinny that is out of bounds So go wow we got one on the Green Oh It might have been pulled a little bit That looks good Very nice Oh it's skinny it's a Miss green okay Last two competitors to go feeling Confident yeah feeling confident or not No no that's gonna get there that is Short that means you are definitely Through to the final how's it feel one More to go you know what you've got to Be one shot and you're in the final So here we have it Adam versus Owen in The final to win 5 000 pounds Here we go the final Adam and Owen left

5 000 pounds on the line one hole Par five dog leg to the right and it's Stroke play I'm excited about this I Can't wait to see what happens Adam if You won five grand in the back pocket What are you gonna spend it towards the Events playing in through uni awesome go On the cheese Oh my God [Applause] Phenomenal shot under that pressure very Impressed Win if you win the 5 000 pounds what You're gonna spend it I'll take some of The lads out for some food nice [Music] That's all right so both players hit Decent tee shots there avoiding the Trouble however that's only half the Challenge this hole you've got to Navigate tall trees ditches bunkers this Is not an easy hole all right Owen how Far have you got from here I'm not too Sure I'm just probably just gonna lay up And see how that goes oh we support us How are you feeling were you man I got Five wins here he's got this all over It's a great ball very good I I don't Know what you're gonna try and do just Get back and play with himself 150 if Not less in Adam carry what you're Thinking he's calm and Collective he's Gonna play it well I don't support us How are you feeling me man

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Confident easy stuff That is a great shot Adam you gotta be Happy with that yeah back in place it's All to play for yeah lots to play for Third shot for Adam 118 yards to the Flag [Music] Wonderful strike [Music] I'm impressed for this much money under This much pressure he'll take that 30 Chance see what he does now all right I'll win what have you got I've got 60 Yards in he's in the zone he's gonna try And get it closer It's not bad you've got quite similar Ports both for birdie Owen to put first And to put the pressure on Adam Looking good oh good for Speed right Adam this port right here is for all of The cash no bad puts for any self Builder just off the left so we'll give It a good go liking this last confidence Right this is it Oh he's left it short oh agonizing Knocking in okay whole half So because the hole ended in a tie we Need a One-Shot playoff Let's all come down to this flop shot Challenge over the banner one shot each Nears the pin takes it all [Music] That's not bad at all oh and this is it If you beat that you take all the cash

[Music] Spend it wisely there's a thousand Pounds for you as well it's a second Place amazing what a great day thanks For watching make sure you like And Subscribe and we'll see you soon