10 Tips for (GREAT) Winter Disc Golf | Disc Golf Basics

We tried 10 tips for winter disc golf. And we liked it a lot! It seems like like most tips can be put into two categories – 1. How to be comfortable and 2. How to not loose your discs 😂.

The tips:
1. Disc down and use brightly colored discs.
2. Keep your discs cool before the round so the snow wont stick to it.
3. Tape a ribbon to the disc so you can spot it in the snow.
4. Use a spotter.
5. Don´t use your favorite discs in case you loose it.
6. In short dress warm but also dress right. Layers is a good idea in case you want to adjust the tempeture during the round.
7. Bring towels! The discs will be wet.
8. Go with stand still throws (if the ground is all slippery).
9. Try throwing glowes. Thin gloves with a nice grip.
10. Bring something warm to drink.

We hope you´ll enjoy the video and let us know if we missed a tip 😀
/Jonathan and Johannes

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