Your Thumbs Are Key to Your Short Game

If you want to become a better golfer and reduce handicap, this simple short game tip will have you chipping and putting with more confidence and precision! The best part is that this golf short game tip can help with chipping and putting!!

This one simple golf tip has helped hundreds of golfers we have personally coached. All you need to know is that short game golf shots require a lot of touch and feel. What we don’t want to have in these finesse shots is a lot of wrist action or club rotation.

Oftentimes, when amateur golfers struggle with chipping or putting, they tend to overuse their wrists. They do a lot of hinging, which creates more club rotation, and makes it very difficult to control shot direction and distance. Focusing on the thumbs gives the golfer more control in their golf putting or chipping motion and eliminates the unnecessary extra wrist movement.

Using this simple tip for your short game will have you getting more control over your short game and lower your scores!

Master your short game:

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