How To Find The PERFECT Forehand Backswing/Take Back | Tennis Forehand

How To Find The PERFECT Forehand Backswing/Take Back | Tennis Forehand

Fundamental principles: Get into a ready position that enables a good take back. The racket goes back to the same level in your unit turn. In the ready position, your hands are not just floating around, the wrist is set in the same position as the contact point. Adjust your unit turn so it matches the height of the intended contact. High unit turns for high balls and lower unit turn for lower balls. The form of the arm you make in the ready position is also the same as it will be at the contact point. There is no place in the forehand where the racket face will be open.

Short or long backswing? We see variations of both on the tour! When you release the racket with the left hand you would not want to lock your arm out because it will not allow for a smooth swing to the contact point. Your take back is similar to the ready position. Knowing this will help you find your racket take back. Don’t create movements that create inconsistencies in your swing like “wibble wobble’s.”

Lag on forehand: on the takeback, the racket falls behind the hand. There is no snap, but there is a lag.

Bonus tip: How to swing forehand to the ball. When players drop the racket onto the slot of power, it sets and rotates into the contact in a very “pure” fashion.

0:00 – Intro
0:43 – Fundamental Principles
2:50 – Ready Position Arm Importance
4:03 – Racket Face Won’t Be Open
5:30 – Short Or Long Backswing?
8:58 – Lag On Forehand
9:58 – Bonus: How To Swing Foreward To The Ball

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