Wrist Hinge | Achieve Better Wrist Hinge In The Golf Swing

Wrist Hinge | Achieve Better Wrist Hinge In The Golf Swing
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Educating our hands and wrists during the golf swing is essential. Generally, you can find a correlation between how good someone’s takeaway and back swing are and their golfing ability.

The better we can swing the club head in the golf swing through the appropriate wrist hinge in the takeaway and back swing the better chance of building up the correct feelings in our hands and loading the club properly.

Once the club head is thrown up through the wrist hinge in the take away you’ll start to feel pressure build up in the first pad of the right hand trigger finger. During the transition into the downswing this pressure will increase as the weight of the club head resists the change of direction and shallows the plane of the club out coming down.

If you can maintain that pressure all the way down to and past impact, you’ll deliver the club with the shaft leaning forward at impact.

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