Why You Are 2 Inches from 30 More Yards (Driver Distance)

If you are struggling to increase driver distance in your golf swing, one of the easiest golf tips on how to add distance to driver is simply golf ball position.

Start lowering your golf handicap today!

If your average driver distance is falling short and you are hitting down on the golf ball, this is one of the simplest golf drills to fix your ball position. Take your feet and place them together, then slide your lead foot toward the target slightly, then take your trail foot and slide it back away from the target.

Your feet should be about shoulder width apart to slightly wider, the ball will be off the inside of your lead heel, and you will start hitting up on the golf ball.

With this simple piece of golf instruction, you will start hitting up on the golf ball, which will increase launch, decrease spin, increase roll and add more distance to your driver!

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