What Club Do You Hit From 95 Yards Out? #golf #golftips #golfswing

When faced with a shot from 95 yards out on the golf course, one may wonder, “What club should I use?” Determining the appropriate club to hit from this distance is crucial for achieving accuracy and getting closer to that elusive hole. In this blog post, we will explore various factors to consider in selecting the optimal club for those 95-yard shots. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking to fine-tune your skills or a beginner seeking guidance, join us as we delve into the world of club selection, aiming to improve your golf game. #golf #golftips #golfswing


In the world of golf, one of the most important factors that can make or break a shot is the club selection. Choosing the right club for each distance is crucial for achieving desired results. When it comes to hitting the ball from 95 yards out, golfers often find themselves pondering over the question: “What club do you hit from 95 yards out?” To address this query, Scratch Golf Tips, a renowned YouTube channel dedicated to providing golfing enthusiasts with valuable insights and guidance, has come up with an informative video. This article will delve into the content of the video, its aim, and the key takeaways offered by Scratch Golf Tips.

Club Selection: Hitting From 95 Yards Out

In this engaging video, Scratch Golf Tips offers golfers a comprehensive guide on selecting the right club for hitting the ball from a distance of 95 yards. The video aims to provide golfers, both amateurs and professionals, with tips and advice on making the best club choice to enhance their game.

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The video begins with an introduction to the importance of club selection in golf. It emphasizes that choosing the correct club can significantly impact the trajectory, distance, and accuracy of the shot. Scratch Golf Tips stresses that finding the right club for each situation is essential for consistent and effective performance on the green.

To categorize the video effectively, Scratch Golf Tips employs popular hashtags such as #golf, #golftips, and #golfswing. By utilizing these hashtags, the channel enables golfers to explore related content and engage in discussions around the topic.

Understanding the Factors: Which Club to Choose?

Scratch Golf Tips then dives into the core question: “What club do you hit from 95 yards out?” In this section, the video elucidates the factors that golfers need to consider before deciding on the club for their shot.

Firstly, the video explains that the distance of 95 yards falls into the “approach shot” range, where precision and control are paramount. It highlights the significance of taking into account the specific conditions of the shot, such as wind speed and direction, slope, and the target’s location on the green.

To simplify the decision-making process, Scratch Golf Tips presents a handy rule of thumb. It recommends using a club that allows the golfer to hit the ball comfortably between 85 to 100 yards in a controlled manner. Based on the individual golfer’s swing speed and technique, this could be a pitching wedge, gap wedge, or a controlled half-swing with a sand wedge.

Enhancing Your Game: Valuable Insights and Guidance

Throughout the video, Scratch Golf Tips aims to help golfers improve their game by providing valuable insights and guidance. The content stresses the significance of practice and experimentation to understand the nuances of each club and its performance at various distances.

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Scratch Golf Tips offers practical advice, encouraging golfers to spend time on the driving range honing their skills with different clubs. It emphasizes the importance of getting familiar with the distance and accuracy achieved with each club to make more informed decisions during an actual game.


In conclusion, Scratch Golf Tips’ video on choosing the right club for hitting from 95 yards out is a valuable resource for golfers seeking to enhance their game. It emphasizes the importance of club selection for achieving desired results on the green. By providing insightful tips and guidance, Scratch Golf Tips empowers golfers to make informed decisions based on their unique swing speed and technique. So, the next time you find yourself 95 yards away from the pin, remember to consider the factors discussed in the video and choose your club wisely. Your game will undoubtedly benefit from this strategic approach.

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