Can I Break 75 at one of the UK’s BEST golf courses?

Can I break 75 at one of the UK’s best golf courses? As an avid golfer, I set out on a personal challenge to test my skills and see if I can achieve this impressive milestone. Join me on my journey as I take on the course and strive for greatness on the greens.

Can I Break 75 at one of the UK’s BEST Golf Courses?


Hey there, fellow golf enthusiasts! I’m here to share my thoughts on a fantastic video by Rick Shiels Golf that had me on the edge of my seat. If you’re a golf lover like me, you’re in for a treat!

Rick Shiels Golf: The Master of Golf Content Creation

Let’s dive into the world of Rick Shiels Golf, a platform that specializes in everything related to golf – from equipment reviews to expert instruction and even taking on top golfers. Rick provides invaluable coaching videos covering a wide range of topics to elevate your game, whether you want to drive the ball longer, nail those iron shots, or master the art of putting.

The Challenge at Wood Hall Spa

In this captivating video, Rick takes on the prestigious Wood Hall Spa, aiming to conquer the course and break the elusive 75 mark. We witness his journey through the challenging conditions as he battles to stay under par.

The Thrilling Game Unfolds

As Rick sets out on the course, his determination is palpable. Starting strong with an impressive front nine, he faces setbacks on the back nine but persists with unwavering resolve. Despite the hurdles, he finishes with a commendable score of 78, leaving us in awe of his skill and perseverance.

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Continuing the Pursuit of Excellence

Driven by his passion for the game, Rick refuses to rest on his laurels. With new wedges in his arsenal, he focuses on honing his skills to deliver better shots and outshine the competition. His commitment to improvement is truly inspiring, setting the bar high for aspiring golfers everywhere.


In conclusion, Rick Shiels Golf’s captivating video captures the essence of golf – the thrill of the game, the challenges faced, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. It serves as a reminder that success in golf, much like in life, requires dedication, resilience, and a never-say-die attitude.


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