WANT MORE GOLF DISTANCE? Make This One Simple Change

Shave Strokes Off Your Game With the Hybrid Rangefinder!

Golfers have been using golf rangefinders to improve their game for over a decade now and they do seem to have their benefits. Instead of a mere estimation of the distance of the pin they can calculate accurately where and how far it is. It’s really convenient because it tells you exactly how much swing to put into the shot and which club to choose. Another commonly used product is the GPS, which tells you exactly where you are on the course and how you should manage your strokes to lower your score. And it is particularly convenient under situations, for instance, a blind shot. Because in that case a laser range finder cannot work.

Benefits of The Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder

Where do you start when you consider the benefits of the Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder? What makes the Tour V2 a must have addition to your golf bag? For starters consider the importance of knowing the distance from where your ball is lying to the flag. Would an incorrect guess of 10 yards less make the difference between landing safely on the green or splashing into the water hazard? With a scan mode and Pinseeker technology the Tour V2 is a step above most golf range finders you will see on the market.

Can A Golf Range Finder Depreciate Your Handicap?

Distance is one of the key pieces of information when golfing since it determines what your approach to the hole might be and what clubs to use. Like any decision process, having the most accurate information on hand allows you to make a better choice. The best way to have that data on demand is with a laser range finder. There are multiple models on the market, such as the Medalist Laser Rangefinder or the Bushnell Medalist Laser Rangefinder, but it is important to know how they work so that you can better understand how they will help your game.

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Improve Your Game With The Callaway LR550 Laser Range Finder

One of the best uses for a golf range finder is at the practice range. How much do you really trust the marked distances to the practice range flags? With a laser range finder, you know the exact yardage. Do you know how far you typically hit a 5-iron? A practice session with a golf range finder will quickly tell you far you hit every club in your bag — no more guesswork. Armed with this knowledge, you can be confident in your club selection for every shot on the course!

Golf Driver: A Sure Fire Way to Add More Distance

Every golfer, amateur or pros alike want to hit their driver farther down the fairway. All you need is an extra 10 to 20 yards this would make your approach shot much easier with a shorter iron in your hand. Imagine your playing partners reaction when you blow past their drives on the first tee.

One Simple Technique That Will Improve Your Chip Shot and Lower Your Score

If you are having problems with your short game out on the course then this article is a must read. It provides you with sound basic advice that will have you chipping on the green in no time.

Golf Etiquette for Business Golfers

If you are a keen golfer, then you probably have two very distinct groups of people you play with – your close friends, and business associates. When you play with friends, you can probably get away with a few less than polite activities on the course, but when you play with business associates, they are not only watching you play, but watching you in general.

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Do These Five Things To Build a Repeating Golf Swing

The key to golfing consistency is to do the same things every time. You find a few things that work and learn to do them over and over again. If you do, then you will have a repeating golf swing, a consistent strike on the ball, and lower scores. These six things, which are very easy to learn, make a good foundation.

3 Tips to Fix Your Slice in 5 Minutes

This article examines how you can fix that slice and improve your golf game. There are no difficult or silly techniques. These ideas come from years of observation while working out on a golf course.

Can You Swing Easy and Hit a Golf Ball Far?

Golfers want to hit the ball a long way, and they think they have to hit the ball hard to do it. That’s exactly right. You have to hit the ball hard. That doesn’t mean, though, that you have to swing hard.

Golf Swing Aids: The Good And The Bad

Golfers are desperate to improve. They will spend any amount of money in hopes for a better swing. It’s now wonder golf swing aids are a booming market, and these companies are doing very well, even in this bad economy.

Golf Swing Drills To Improve Your Chipping

The chip shot is a golf shot that every golfer needs in their game. Here are some golf swing drills that will help you to hit solid, consistent chip shots so you can shoot lower scores.

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