How to Shorten a Golf Club in 5 Steps, Golfing Tips For Beginners

How to Shorten a Golf Club in 5 Steps, Golfing Tips For Beginners.

Some golfers will tell you that it’s never a good idea to cut down a set of clubs. There are others who swear by it and do it all the time to make sure that their clubs are a custom-tailored fit for the golfer who will use them. There are good arguments on either side, but one thing is for sure, if you’re going to try to shorten clubs, you need to know how to get it done right.

How do you shorten a golf club? Golf clubs can be expensive. Good golf clubs can be really expensive. If you find a set of great clubs at a good price, should you jump at the chance even if they’re a little too long? There are a lot of factors that come into play when determining if you can successfully cut a club down. We’ll help you figure out if you should, gather what you need, and get the job done.

The actual process of shortening a club isn’t too complicated. If you know how to use a tape measure and a hack saw, you can get the job done. The trick is knowing when you can get away with it and when you’d be better off selling or trading-in a club to help with the purchase of something else. When shortening is a good option, there are tips to help make it a smooth, efficient, and effective process.

Can Golf Clubs Be Shortened?
If you’ve been around the sport of golf for any length of time at all, you’ve probably heard two different kinds of stories about shortening clubs. The one kind of story starts out with somebody needing clubs and having a limited budget. They cut a set of clubs down and get more than they paid for in return for their efforts. The other kind of story starts with a perfectly good set of clubs and ends up with a pile of useless metal or graphite.

You can indeed shorten golf clubs. The tricky part is knowing what the limits are so that you can decide whether you should cut a set down and knowing how to do it so that it is quick, painless, and successful. There are limits to how much you can cut before you start creating problems with the club that will snowball into bigger problems for the golfer who is going to use them.

Whether you’re cutting down a set of clubs for yourself or for someone else, you need to think about some of the potential downsides to altering a club that was engineered to perform a certain way. Small changes will have small side effects. Big changes will have big side effects. Know when to say when so that you don’t ruin a set of clubs that you could sell or trade-in instead of putting them under the knife.

5 Steps to Shortening a Golf Club.
This article will guide you through a step-by-step process for shortening a golf club. From deciding whether you should shorten a club to gathering what you’ll need for the job and getting it done, we will walk you through the process and offer some tips to make the results great.

Deciding if You Should Cut a Golf Club Down.
It’s one thing to trim an inch off of a club. When you do so, you’ll affect the weight, flex, loft, and lie. But since you’re only trimming a little bit—it will only have a small impact on the overall performance of the club.

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