Walking 150 miles with my golf clubs! (Day 5/6)

How to Achieve the Proper Golf Swing

Golfers usually learn their golf swing in one of two ways – either by trial and error, or by having lessons. The failings of the first approach are obvious, although there is a tendency for many to opt for this approach on the basis that they have learned to play other sports in this way.

Golf Long Irons – Knowing How To Use Them

Your golf long irons are classified as your one, two, three, and four irons. The majority of golfers usually will only carry a three and four iron in their golf bag.

What Is Golf and How to Play?

Today, golf is synonymous with Tiger Woods. Whatever his misdemeanors, Woods has certainly brought golf to the consciousness of more people. Now, many are wondering what the real deal is with individuals walking all over a huge expanse of green trying to shoot a ball in a tiny hole from far away. If you want to get to know some golf basics, read on.

Tips for a Great Swing

Your swing is crucial to your golf game. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing it for fun or are engaged in it competitively. Without a good swing, you won’t enjoy this sport as much. You will have to contend with a lot of hooks and slices and that will only add up to one very frustrating round.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Like Golf?

Like any other sport, not all people are inclined to play golf. Obviously, it isn’t for everyone. Not all carry a liking for the game and even the most serious sports fan will even put limitations where the green is concerned. Why is this so?

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Benefits of Playing Golf 101

It used to be that golf was for senior citizens who couldn’t anymore play any rough-and-tumble games. But the younger generation is fast catching up and even the very young adolescents are already practicing their swings in the various golf ranges all over the country. It’s not anymore a game for those who were “once young”, it’s also now for the “young ones.”

Kinds of Golf Strokes

Perhaps one of the most important parts of a golfer’s game is his stroke. Without a good stroke, he stands to earn too many points, and as you already know by now, hitting too many strokes is disastrous in this sport. But did you know that there are different kinds of strokes used in this game?

Tips for Sinking the Putt

There’s no better way to end a golf game than to sink the putt. But let’s face it: This can be one of the most difficult techniques to perfect for any golfer. However, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of sinking the putt.

Tips for Buying the Right Golf Club

Expensive does not necessarily mean better. This holds true when you set out to buy your golf clubs. Any experienced golfer will tell you that the most costly golf equipment out there will not magically improve your swing overnight. Your play will improve if you take the time to practice and hone it constantly, even if you’ve got the cheapest set of golf clubs in your hands.

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Golf Grip Basics

Does your grip matter? Yes it does. In fact, how you grip your golf club matters a lot and should be one of the first things that you should perfect. See, how you hold your golf club will determine the flight direction your ball will take since the position of your clubface when it hits the ball will be determined by your grip. A good grip is one that allows you to move your wrist so you can get maximum power and better feel for your swing.

Longer Golf Drives Can Be Yours With These 6 Simple Hand Exercises

In this article you’ll discover 6 simple hand exercises to help you be able to hit longer drives on the golf course. You can easily do these golf exercises in the comfort of your own home, without the need to purchase anything you do not already have available. Do these simple golf exercises to improve your hand strength and flexibility for longer golf shots.

Golf Flexibility Exercise For Powerful, Long Golf Drives

If you want to loosen up your golf swing for longer golf drives then listen up. What I’m about to reveal to you is a great, simple way to do it.

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