Chipping Ratios – How to Dial In Your Chipping

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Chipping Ratios

In this video I explain the ratios that you must learn to be able to dial in your chipping.

These ratios are what you use to calculate what club to use when chipping. This takes all of the guess work out of it and allows you to choose the right club for the right situation.

First you measure the distance to the front of the green (about 1 yard on) from where your ball is. Then you measure how far the ball is going to roll to the hole if it were to land on the front.

These chipping ratios vary for the different clubs in your bag. I use a Sand Wedge for my short chips or any chip that is a 1:1 ratio. This means with this club it will fly 1 part and roll 1 part. Here are all of the ratios:

SW = 1:1
PW = 1:2
9i = 1:3
8i = 1:4
7i = 1:5

So you always hit the fron of the green with your ball. Then you choose the right club based on the ratio above. Keep in mind these calculations will vary with downhill and uphill slopes as well as dry,wet, or long greens.

Watch this tip and take notes then apply this to your chipping.

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