Top of the backswing in golf

Https:// In this video I discuss centered resistance as you reach the top of your backswing. Centered resistance is not difficult it just needs to be understood. And understanding centered resistance you have to feel like there’s more weight on the lead leg as pressure builds on the rear hip. Now this description is for right handed golfers. As the arms move out on the plane on the take away you don’t want to get to the parallel position too soon. As the arms move up and around your body the torso of your body stays home it doesn’t move with the arms this feeling is resistance. The torso not moving with your arms up and around the swing plane is what causes the resistance the resistance is your body not moving with your arms. As you reach the top of your backswing the backswing sets itself automatically.Your arms wrists shoulders hands all those body parts set themselves automatically. It doesn’t matter how much weight is on the lead lag or how much pressure is on the rear hip the objective is that you stay centered. And in staying centered the white load on the lead lag and the pressure load on the rear hip is a by product of keeping you centered.

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