TOP 10 | Charcoal Grilling Tips for Beginners

00:00 Introduction
00:07 1 Use a charcoal chimney
00:46 2 Clean and Oil your grate
01:18 3 Use two separate tongs
01:48 4 Use 2 zone method
03:03 5 Use the vents to control temps
05:28 6 Use rubs and marinades
06:24 7 Use a meat thermometer
06:59 8 Always have heavy duty aluminum foil on hand
07:45 9 Learn difference between briquettes Vs lump coal
08:41 10 Get a Weber

I want to apologize in advance about the audio, my neighbor has a rusty whirly bird attic fan that you can hear whistling in the background.

I have been grilling using a charcoal weber grill since 2013 and in this video I share with you my top 10 Charcoal Grilling tips. I made this video to help out people that are new to charcoal grilling. There’s a nice aroma and experience that comes from grilling on a charcoal grill versus a gas/propane grill.

When lighting the newspaper for the charcoal chimney, use about 1.5 to 2 full sheets. After you light one side of the newspaper, proceed to light the opposite side.

Safe Grilling Temperatures:
Fresh Beef – 145 F
Pork – 145 F
Poultry – 165 F
Ground meats including beef 165
Fish with fins – 145

For some awesome recipes check out the BBQ Pit Boys

*Marinades – Thanks to those chiming in regarding the reuse of marinade. I just learned something new. You can reuse the marinade that came into contact with raw mean ONLY if you boil it. Boiling it kills the harmful bacteria. If you do this, use it the same day.

Some of my Favorite Marinades:
Lawry’s Steak & Chop
Korean BBQ Beef Kalbi
Korean BBQ Chicken Pork Spicy

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