Best Golf Chipping Practice and A Hole Out | How To Chip in The Hole

Best golf chipping practice and a hole out. Let’s learn from golf coach Alex Fortey how to hit a chip in the hole and how to chip a golf ball. Golf tips and practice drill for your short game

Alex Fortey from The Art of Simple Golf demonstrates at Lake Forest Country club, a course designed by champion golfer Arnold Palmer. This is the best chipping drill you can use even at home. You see, with any shot around the green, the hole is not your target, a specific spot is… Somewhere where the ball that you have calculated that will roll the ball as close as possible with the slope of the green, club choice and spin etc.
So this golf practice drill helps you perfect your accuracy so you can get the ball close and even in the hole like the demonstration!

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In this best golf chipping practice help you to play better golf. This pitching tips really boost your shot golf game. even in this video lesson, you’ll learn the difference between golf chipping and pitching.

Alex Fortey trying to help you have a better and simpler short game with a fun drill. You can even do at home. We’re talking about the chip shot. It’s not always just chip. It is the hole because really the hole isn’t out to target.

You really want to be training yourself to pick a landing spot for the club that you want. I haven’t sort of test this out too much with as far as is the exact angle for this flag. I just did it approximate but idea is that I’m trying to land it. Just got my pitching wedge because we’re on a bit of an upslope but we can train and practice to have accuracy and consistency to chip through this gate. It means that we have basically got a bit of control through our chipping action and shot game.


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