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All right guys welcome back to break 75. I'm back here in the UK at this Beautiful venue little Aston just Outside Birmingham this is a golf course Genuinely right to play for ages and I Never have done until this moment in Time it's beautiful it's stunning it's Got a wonderful culture like we've just Been in there in the clubhouse chatting To Ian the general manager and just one Of the most friendliest receptions I've Ever had so I'm excited today to get out Here and try and break 75. I've got a Guest as well to the channel today Hollywood star Ollie Phelps known from His part in Harry Potter me and Ollie Are going to go around here today he's a Member here he's going to chaperone me Round and hopefully point me in the Right direction Um I think Ollie plays off low single Figures uh fantastic guy we actually Played together in the JCB championship Last year when I played with John Daley Either way let's go out on this golf Course we'll put off the blues which is The back tee 6800 yards past 72 It's cold it's not the sunny day in the World great 75 is going to be a Challenge but a challenge I am ready to Accept Right Ollie What can I expect around this golf Course today okay so it's going to be a

Bit of a challenge obviously there's a Little bit of Breeze starting to pick up With the weather but the main thing I Would say is left is dead Oh if you remember that you'll be okay Left is my Miss yeah okay okay so There's a time hit Fades off everything Today for me yeah they're gonna be more Favorable for you Um other than that we're playing quite Far back as well Once or twice before Um so yeah we're looking forward to it Should be good fun it's as about as busy As it gets here on a on a weekday which Is great which is quite quiet yeah Um honestly I've loved spending just a Couple of hours here already like what Amazing Club yeah it's gonna have a nice Feel no it really is it's such a Welcoming golf club and I think a club Is such an important part of Have you got a Target in mind uh so I've Play off Eight which gives me I think 10 Strokes So if I could break 80. that's my hard Work to do all right let's do it Johnny Do you want to start up yeah sure okay Now I know all of these are obviously Big Boy cameras you're filming with Today all right yeah no nerves no nerves Right now Um fairly straightforward Your main target is the far bunker there

On the right hand side yeah Um yeah other than that in the summer Big kids can hit it like a young Sergio Garcia many years ago Down the right hand side it's way right He said right it's fine though right Side Okay it's gonna be fun from over there Yeah that'll work that will work that'll Work fine there I don't think I'm threatening the green There no no it's down there it's Actually now early March and spring is Starting To show its head But on the daylight today where it's Just a little bit chilly still a little Bit of moisture in the air I might get a Touch of rain the ball still not Traveling a million miles so Even though 6 800 yards isn't the Longest In today's condition I reckon it might be playing comfortably Over 7000 yards all right good start Though So this is really fortunate this finish Here Yeah that's a big bunker yeah no no this Is Tiny all right this is a baby Yeah Okay second shot into the first 140 Yards after a nice tee shot I'm just Gonna go pin high right right side of

The of the flag A little bit too far right come on Might catch a bit of the green Uh he's just in the runoff down there or Maybe the bunker actually Oh that was a bit of a loose one It's um to be honest it's happened more Than a few times to me on this one I get On a good position on the tee And then you're looking at the green now That's okay and there's just suck Suction bits all over really yeah Settle settle settle Oh nice Stop sit sit stop that's okay there a Pill put Okay slight loose second shot into this First green found the bunker and how big These bunkers It's a very much kind of heathlands type Golf course but these bunkers aren't Particularly Heathen they're much more Almost a tiny bit linked us right They're quite big and you know big Banks And stuff so up and down requires to Save power here on the first Stop a bit Yeah we'll take that it's a nice Sandy's Beautiful really nice texture Interestingly today I came to the golf Course we two Putters in the bag The trusty one the even roll but I've Actually brought this as well I've just been trying on the putting

Green before it came out and I think I'm Going to play with this today White hot double wide Aversar model So we'll give it a go it was working Okay and they're putting green I think we'll stick with this today Pushed it ah What's faster than expected Silly five ah through a good tee shot Poor second shot but hey Good round start with bogies It's okay it's okay a good round start With Bogies I would say the next hole Gets easier But it's a long long powerful bumpers All at the right hand side and yeah I Still think you've got an easy power in You though it's easy for you missing Okay after you my friend he shows the Way So really here the best line in You're going to be going for like the Left-hand side of the Fairway okay The dark side Jump it Nope I don't think you're gonna jump oh No I'll tell you what it is the last time I Played was in Australia in just a An ill-fitting shirt and I think I feel Like a Michelin man right now so I think Later we actually got I've got too many On I'm gonna start I'll start start

Losing somebody Okay I'm gonna go with that bunker You've hit it and then try and fade it Off Yeah that's okay That's okay though Yeah quite a bit more cut but it's fine 180 yards second shot into the second Right side of the flag is the safe bet I'm gonna go six iron just because it's A little bit downwind as well I need to Keep it under this branch I'll be good Get back there I think you're on yep should be on the Green though yeah you're on the front Right For a three here on the second up the Hill right to left nice That was weak Yes Ollie Great recovery great power after going In that bunker Ouch ouch Ouch Oh I thought that was in Oh that's bloody stupid isn't it hey Tim over through two And this to blame Ah so per five Uh dog leg ran to the right uphill For the second Um or third shot you should get a decent Drive down here you should be able to

Make it in two good Um great looking Hull Oh yes Can play yes there there he is Um yeah so about there Be good That is perfect Get down a little bit I'll be okay Yeah that's fine a fine little truck Quite catch it so yeah you should be Fine over there All right I found the Fairway just so From here I don't know if the place to go for the Green But as you can see strategic Bunker play I love the bunkers on there Um I want to say the one on the first is A bit of a baby as you can see there's Which isn't the biggest bunkers on the On the course these two at the front Here how gorgeous I love I love this Kind of bun cream sometimes I mean the Obviously place there for a purpose but Also I love the visuals of it true part Five as well because you need to really Pick your spot when going in so to the Green you've got 244 front 253 to the Flag See what it is We're not laid off on this game My camera guy play it That's a good Miss though yeah a bit Short right yeah it's good Miss plenty

Of green to work with I think quite Catch every bit of it Okay not a bad mess after my second uh Could have got to the greens to be fair If it landed on the front edge and Rolled up but Plenty of green to work with Sit settle Yeah unless you played aggressive very Aggressive well it was a good strike at Least A little late futter for birdie coming Up I can't believe that didn't break Honestly I felt like I touched that then Keep going keep Gathering didn't it wow Huge I thought it was gonna be fast but This time of the year I didn't think it Was gonna be that fast Oh Foreign ER everybody Bye bye bye bye Tata goodbye I think listen if you've got complaints Email complaints at because Next time I'm swapping Putters three Over through three Okay Rick so we've got stroke index one Here oh uh mainly one stroke one for Match play but it's a drivable Par Four Uh just over 300 yards you've got A long diagonal bunk here on The Fairway Yeah um that shouldn't be any issue then You've got a bunker protecting left at

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The front of the green yeah and then on The right hand side of the green almost Level with the green itself is a bunker Nice on that side now we start with some Birdies Hopefully good drive a little fade down There let's try and get on the Green No no no no no no go Tell you what you may be okay okay I was A big big if it didn't catch any of the Trees you may be through to the next Hole Get down I wasn't going right exactly Get down get down It's a social game we'll see on the Green Park Yeah right that was a very bizarre tee Shot Big Slice off to the right oh he Said right was your friend so I took That quite literally I'm 96 yards I've Got a a vision to the flag I've got to go aerial but I don't think That's going to be a huge concern Because the sand wedge that I'm about to Hit at least get over those trees Come on I wanna I wanna bring you good Golf Okay I want to get some birdies let's Try and make it happen here Go a bit We're on the green but nothing Spectacular It'd been good for distance but it's a Little bit right

So Started raining It means I get to use this I bought this At the pro shop of Bay Hill just in case You couldn't tell Front of this game isn't it it's a funny One we've hit the green we've got a Little pill put I think I need I need to put to drop Spirits need lifting The old that puts us out I might say the old trust is back in but Sorry come on work for me please let's See if we can hold some pots okay this Is where the round of golf starts I like Being three over three three Eases the nerves Right up the hill right to left Oh good line Well at least it'll look threatening for A short period of time Hey Okay put her on the card Start my brother I was gonna say where'd you get that From Um What are you trying to say I've got two Guys I think I've got everything from That shop over the years Stuff you don't need like a Panama Hat With Joe Hill written on the outside you Know what I bought this is funny a ball You know dust caps for a car like where

You changed it I bought Bay Hill ones of Them Part three as you see it pretty much now There is a bit of a backstop beyond the Flag here you can see on the Green So you can pretty much go go at it it's Quite a big green as well there's a high Slope on the right hand side yeah but Where the flag is today you just Centered the green just go at it yeah Attack Should find that little Hill there get Up Yeah that'll be fine I'll come around Okay we're putting And now I've got all faithful back in We've got no worries anymore birdies are Coming everybody Okay Four a two here on the fifth now with Previous experience on the last few Holes I'm not particularly looking to be Too aggressive here two puts and I'll be Happy If it does drop in I'll be ecstatic Right come on Rick Aggressive I'm not particularly looking to be too Aggressive here Look I might have to go to a e if this Doesn't go in So now we need to stop the bleeding Brick He's mine

I mean the good news is I'm not losing Golf balls am I no exactly exactly yeah Yeah you've got to take a positive Exactly yeah we're always up we're Always up okay so next hole half four Slight dog leg round to the right There's uh you've got two bunkers here On the right hand side one on the left Really the second bunker on the right is The one you want to try and Miss Slightly into the breeze so I don't know If Karen it would be too much of a call But your best shot is just straight at That Heather in the distance of that Driver yep Yeah nice shot What an interesting round of golf I'm Having so far hopefully you're enjoying Back home everybody laughing and Cheering me and probably leaving Negative comments and that's okay I Deserve them Similar to mine start cutting we hit That well yes Um Hold up make filming a bit easier on This next one Another beautiful hole Yeah does everything fall off the screen Once you go there's a straight drop the Other side yeah it's quite visually it's Quite deceptive it looks like it's all Uphill when you get to the green but Actually it's fairly flat okay

We'll hold there Simmer hold that looks a bit too much Club is it that's all right it's good Okay yeah on the green it's just Clinging On but I made a green Irregulation What did you just I hit like a Three-quarter seven yeah only got seven Too Oh yes get there yes be the club I thought that was all over it I just could tell by the way it came out Yeah it didn't fly out well your Distance and my line we might have had a Chance Oh stay up go stay up go stay up oh Lovely line Lovely line right come on Rick don't Over complicate this it's up the hill Right to left I mean I've had that put Almost every time today But let's Let's get it close Oh my goodness I am trying I am genuinely trying this isn't like You know I said on The Fairway that it's A lot flatter and a lot Than every season you get there what the Hell honestly I don't know come on ever Come on I can't get close to the bloody Hole Not bad well then Big moment

But sometimes you've got to take the Little winds Right That's a big confidence booster I think Only things can improve From This Moment Forward that's the turning point I think It's a really important Birdie alley coming up here uh so here We've got straight Par Four okay Um the Greenies at the silver Birches at The far end nice Not much to it Okay turning point that put was Confidence has gone from one percent to Five percent Keep trying to build that up That's the tree Just drop straight down That's why I'm playing on the eight Go Oh yes do you know something I don't Look at that Is that all right it's that bad it's Good yeah that was uh Yeah I do okay found the ball left hand Side 136 yards a little bit of branches Overhanging which might cause a bit of An issue I made a really low flighted Pitching wedge Pins right at the back so I don't want To go too hot on this try and launch it Low and get it skipping up the green Come on Rick I know I've been joking but I've been really looking forward to

Playing here and I feel like my golf Game is not matching up to where it Should be I'll be the number Very nice Nice shot from under the trees that I Actually thought this was a bit closer To the hold than it is but that's okay Let's see if we can build on that five Percent confidence level with my putting Not a lot in this speed is key Oh I can't quite work out like sometimes I'm hitting it six foot past Other times I'm not quite getting it to The hull it's a good day easy cool Ryan Strike uh eighth hole As you see it straight down the middle Yeah uh you've got the two bunkers here Either side they're probably about Maybe 250 or so Um And yeah that's pretty much it yeah same As same is on the third hole you don't Go left okay Just uh yeah go of that middle bunker Love it all right come on driver Yeah great shot thank you that was a Nice one Okay Second shot into the eighth green 115 yards I feel like I feel like it's Now that we should Open up the birdie sauce before we have To throw the bottle out because it's

Expired A little gap wedge Slightly downhill winds off the right How much room have I got right at that Flag only uh a little bit not much you Definitely got way more left than right Okay and there's also a trench bunker Beyond that one on the right hand side So just slightly left of the flag Look at the right distance yeah all over It Fuzzy shot thank you Nice uphill put after You have to wait seven and a half holes For it but there you go it's a good shot For you It's coming don't worry don't worry About it Right for birdie Honestly every part I've had is look Like this up the hill right to left It That's absolutely awful Oh Running out of ideas am I putting It's another pie Didn't threaten it though It's a great drive a great iron shot That was very weak compared to a few of The pets it was a quite defensive uh Stroke Protect the mascara yeah that's it 186 yard par three 186 you have got room If you go along

Six iron yeah That is awful Get Lucky That is I'm doing a little clear though Over there Wow All right such a weird ghost shot Horrendous t-shirt there you know what It sounds ridiculous I just didn't have A shot shape in my head off the tee I Didn't commit to anything and therefore Guess what I got nothing so It's still all right to get to here at Least in a bit of an opening bunkers to Get over lob wedge in hand Let's finish the front line with a par Or a little chip in birdie Little chipping bird D lovely shirt Check out a tiny little lucky there you Know it just hit the downside of the Bunkin and kind of ran on a bit further Than I expected All right for par to finish the front Nine come on amazingly four over par but It's definitely better than five Downhill right to left That was a nasty little one On it That was a nasty little one it's Actually In fairness the first time Today I can actually say that was a good Put and it didn't go in but Oh wow start finish the front line as I Started the front nine atrocious with

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The Potter five over par not Particularly great tell me the Batman's Easy in the front line Ollie Yeah yeah it is That's what I want to hear yeah no you'd Be I reckon okay we've got a tricky part Four coming up okay then you've got an Okay Par Four The opportunity great power five here Birdie opportunity Par three Par Four birdie opportunity par five Birdie opportunity I think my shot's in There the shots in there shots in there Let's do it's about nine yeah come on we Need to make three birdies minimum sa Tenth hole Par Four As you see it pretty much straight up The hill Par is a good score on this hole let's Do it come up three on the back nine That's the task Lovely shirt Sit sit yeah that's good just show the Heather there nice that's good nice Okay so just Just rolled into this Heather on the Left hand side really well placed but it Sat up perfectly Quite a long haul this yeah I've got 175 To the flag yeah it's uphill uphill Scott just got straight at it Oh everything I genuinely think something's wrong with

This club Every time I hit six out it's gone like Straight right That's my excuse anyway yeah I'm Sticking to okay yeah no no for the club I agree I did I hit the six iron in the Last hole went straight right at six Times then it literally straight right Nothing to do with my swing nothing to Do with my opening the club face up in The takeaway nothing to do my weak right Hand grip nothing to do with that it's Got to be the golf club Hello darkness my old friend Okay third shot into the tenth terrible Terrible iron shot again but Let's see if we can Use a bit of I was gonna say magic but I don't think We should maybe say that well I'll Always say I'm chipping again okay Go and run out Okay I should have put it I'll have an exit Great For five Not the start to The Back Nine I wanted Well done oh yeah yeah yeah It's in it's better than six I suppose But After a good drive as well let's see Yeah it's a

It's almost like you feel like you've Done the hard bit dead to the head on The outfit A hard bit for me is the short shops That's the hard bit but never mind So you've got two 67 to carry that Bunker Uh on the left That's okay there that's okay 140 yards Kind of got to chase a seven iron down There and let it draw around we're going For the front edge of the green nothing Crazy Jump jump Okay so I found the bunker short left Ah This is what I didn't really want to be Oh Rick what is that Well out Ah Oh sit down Bad Just kind of shot out a little bit to The right straight off the bat Great For five Scrappy hole but Hopefully I can sink this But then thank you Scrappy oh a couple of bad bogeys on the First two holes of the back line there I Mean granted it could have been worse it Could have easily been sixes as well

But Making this 75 much harder Five bird is needed I reckon you got an eagle on the next Hole though right in par five Can make it in two okay let's do this There's a bunker If you can see straight ahead yeah just Dragging across you want to be right of That All right let's do it I'm not going to Try and draw this one Not that far right Spit it out spit it out I think you went through you may be okay If it's gone through I don't think it's gone through the Trees no Social That's gonna be absolutely fine surely It's gonna be tight It may be okay So Ollie tell us what you've got Happening now with you brother what's The new show you started it's a new show Is we've been filming we've just Finished filming uh season two some Fantastic friends uh we filmed in it was In Ireland Iceland St Lucia uh we're Also Poland Dubai we had to learn in the Space of four or five weeks how to ride A motorbike From like never been on the bike before Oh my god

Um to riding from London to Lake Como Via the third capacity in the Swiss Alps Which was unbelievably cool where can People watch it uh in the UK uh it'll be Announced soon and we're announcing the US one very soon which I'm very very Excited about so you just you know you Just basically gone on a whole day Filming yeah pretty much yeah it's great I mean that's it like me kind of playing Golf and filming that's it and then you Just said no no it's hard work darling You know and hopefully my wife believe Me It was ambitious then there's no chance So yeah slightly you've got you do have Water up ahead as well just in front of The Green in Um Just to bear that in mind I just don't know what the hell I'm Going to do from here Because just chip it out I've still got A ridiculously hard third shot into the Green I mean chipping out you've still got Probably Just under 200 in From there I just take a Gamble and hope I miss trees What do they say trees are only 90 there Well they say that but I seem to always Hit the 10 I'm gonna do that I'm gonna Try and play a big raking draw

And just hope for the best Oh he cooled it Sit Well then that will do as good as it Could have been yeah well done well done Thanks pal that was as good as it could Have possibly been it stayed short of The bunkers you put it back in play That could have ended up anyway Right your tunnel okay I'm not gonna do That just keep this in Oh lovely like that oh great shot get Perfect on it right third shot into this Par five 149 yards on the number And pin looks you say it's right in the Middle there I'd say right in the middle Slightly into Breeze I think there's a Bit there Okay we got eight iron Just a just a bloody good golf shot Please Rick you know what I mean I'm not Asking for a lot Just a nice solid golf shot into about 10 foot Go Yep Okay so this was actually good for Distance I thought it was going to be a Little bit short But with pin High across the green So much embarrassed to say I've not had A birdie yet today Until possibly now Come on Rick

Let's make this interesting with a few Holes left to go Foreign That looks so good for like 98 of the Pot And just got to like here and just Teased off It's a five ah Still yet to make a bird of this round Which is disappointing I'll hit it you fool Oh Six five Even that kept going So on this whole route what you probably Can't see you've got that obviously You've got the big bunker there on the Right hand side yeah just beyond it like You're talking that far beyond on the Left hand side is another pop bunker and Then on the right hand side is a trench Bunker So you don't want to be right at the Flag so last is your friend left is your Friend yeah okay Bitcoin come on Yeah I love it nice nice shot right in The heart of the green Foreign So due to just the landing zone I'm Going to putt it out Over the right side there Let's go to the slope oh please hold This there we go

A bit more at least it was out it's uh It's closer than I would have I would Have hit it out mine Okay 13. birdy opportunity up the hill All right It was actually really bad in it Like really bad And don't sugarcoat it over it's it's a Nice one coming back anyway so Oh my goodness Do it grateful Let's put on thank you is that missed it Was off the front of the green pressure Pressure put easy smashed it Smashed in All right seven over a few holes left to Go I think now just readjusting let's say The mission for today I definitely want to be my score in the 70s still so we've got a power and Leash From here And if I don't make a birdie I'll be I'm Going to be tremendously disappointed I Mean this with my life there's got to be One out there there's got to be one out There carve an episode where we don't Pick up a bit of Birdie sauce well this One as well you can you can drive it Stay at the wind you may be able to get There okay oh on the green on the green So to say one of the one of the bigger Bunkers On the course

As you can see sweeping around and The green is pretty much just sort of Right of the fire oak tree there okay If you listen closely It's actually the birdie alert It's covered in hot Right dead tree with a cut there we go Thank you Tight in there Yeah sorry about it should be it'll be Okay but Tricky second shot yeah Quite sure what I was trying to do that But Are lots of things there's a bit of a Lie Yeah I think it's a bit of a window I might snap my club on the follow Through but So be it let's do it for the cause Okay 80 yards I'm gonna play it down Underneath the branches and hopefully Get enough grip and grab on it to hold It into the green Get over it Spin out I think it's right next to yours Okay oh you'll be okay that was close oh My goodness another it needed to grab a Little bit harder I think hit the down Slope of the bunker not bad though it's Okay good shot I'll tell you what I didn't know about This other bunker yeah it's uh I'm

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Literally one foot away going into the Bunker But That's crazy right Come on we need a three we need a Bloody Three I'll tell you what All right left to right Come on Rick Let's see the Flagstaff Oh my goodness I think I've never Laughed at my putting so I'm watching my Life But then thank you oh What we got coming up by the way give me Some give me some hope okay Five coming up You've got A big bunker there on the left And then little dips alone locally is The Himalayas on the right I reckon There's a there's a nice nice Birdie on This one am I straight at the bunker yep Brilliant Drive Oh there you go I was just about to say there's a Hospital over there so it's all right if It lands on anyone but so here I think Let's say you either drill it through The Gap yeah Or you knock it here but you're not Going on In three from from this far back you've Got over 300 yards from here I mean that's a gap

That I can nail it and draw it off it So I think I'm gonna go with that there We go We are going to go towards the buggy There and try and hook it like crazy You can move back if you wish Ah sharp sit sit sit Oh it's over there Uh bunker Totally forgot to tell that it's all Right I didn't well it's hoping to Get it drawing a bit more if you skip Back to when we played the fifth I did Mention it You actually did you're right all those Holes ago I should know it you're right So I finished short of the bunker But There's a bloody big tree in the way I could hit a big high cup potentially Or a low draw they're my two options You go 170 to the flag okay 190 to the Back And you're on the the upper tier of the The green It's a high seven iron 170 170. yeah okay It's gonna go at it it's like the left Side Slightly higher flighted if I can fade It a bit Happy Days It's still wind doing into ah slightly Gusting into Ah that's ruined my plans a Bit

It's got to be a six iron drill draw Ing Oh dude get up Half a chance or not I think it is it's Got to be nearly a chance Right Come on Up the hill left to right up the hill It's going to go down a bit the other Side as well though it doesn't go oh it Slopes down goes down a bit yep okay Come on Run run My goodness Like I don't know if our Pace Controllers ever been worse I'm not saying something Well then thank you Through it on this one the the t's are Going to aim you Way right Oh yeah God so don't follow the t-line You want to I mean you can you can do And hit one of your drawers that's Perfect uh there is the practice range If you go way left but you can play from There okay Um so yeah all good thing in draw Somewhere like that is great that should Work That's a great shot thank you yeah well Then You know what I've really enjoyed this Golf course like a lot and then my

Pudding's not been brilliant And I could have played a lot better Obviously but it's a layout of the golf Course is fantastic and the vibe of the Place is second to none How far I've got Ollie 160 yards Okay The thing that'll top off are somewhat Average day of playing golf Score wise We'll be at birdie we've got three more Chances Through the club ah gonna Yeah I'm gonna go seven and just Straight at it If I was the favor either side would it Be right From there yeah Oh it's not there I don't think anyway I'll get it Just at the front Just cut I didn't strike it middle the Tall It's amazing though what just visually How you can't see the green yeah that Might be on the front yeah that's on the Front oh okay yeah I struck that really Badly Right from the toe How did you like it I will have it out Please Okay 16th

Long range birdie opportunity but at Least a very opportunity Honestly I've been absolutely atrocious Reputter today Embarrassingly bad Yes Wait we actually got one Team Hahaha I don't like cheers I'm really really bloody happy for you Do you want to buy these potatoes three I'm it's working I love the fact you've Made birdie there Oh I've actually hold a lot of that a Lot of that length put way enough I Think it's I think he's got to write it Off as one of those days where the pets Does stone I've not got clothes Pop I Can't even say I've got to look here I'd say your main line is entry On the left hand side there Somewhere around there great shot Really nice Yeah I think driver is probably More the cool today Another big stick all right 70 two holes To go seven over par need to make birdie A birdie two birdies are brilliant I'm gonna rip it down that left-hand Side And it cut straight back over all his Balls 17th beautiful hole

Go go That clears the trees you're okay Cleared them You've got a cheeky little Chip in no water in play Like a cheat code yeah I've been bad today I've been bloody bad Today I think my golf's just been catching That don't be daft I feel like you are going to be saying You're always bloody bad Rick but it has Been real bad today Yeah 180 yards in water left and long Bunker on the right So we'll see Pretty good I'm sure Right Not quite a six iron today Um It's a good shot though Right I got lucky I ate it so bad it's Good I've hit down the second hole here So I've actually got a shot into the Green 149 yards I'm gonna hit eight iron Oh they came off a bit short though I Think it's I think it's quite into Breeze this and obviously it's getting Quite cold Hey Tony come on let's put it close Be good I'll be really good please be really Good

Great shot It's not bad it's not bad it's about 10 Foot away I look so good in the air just slightly Move last minute but I can't complain It's one of the best shots I've hit Today we need a birdie we need a Bloody Birdie Run out Yeah nice chip no a bit more but Pause on the card Gates here we are 17th green Not quite sure where it pitched Just less yeah to be honest it's It is a few yards long I don't think I could have got 99 there But maybe a slightly softer eight iron But anyway I shouldn't complain no we're In a nice spot here beautiful hole love How it's surrounded almost fully by the Water Confidence level is still at a a seven I Reckon you're over this Leaf here okay I'm going to take your advice Ollie Because my my goodness would have been Terrible today Come on for the first birdie Of my round at least Good roll it was a better Port it was It was a better pot at least Oh I've been seeing you making those Distance all day so it was good it was Good we do need to uh I think this will Be a little touch option what the rusty

Sky Cameron the thicker gray it's Gotti Phantom X5 yeah should should it be resting like That though just wonder if anyone's Sky Cameron is watching you know Scotty watches all the time All right I'll let last oh pal Back to the clubhouse looks like a bit Of a slog back to the clubhouse Um part four bending around to the right Hand side New edition of an extra bunker on the Hole on the left-hand side to catch any Loose drives your view or your line is That Big Oak Tree stray ahead of us yeah Favoring maybe just off that the left Lip of the bunk on the right and then Knocking's degree and that'll give you a Simple shot at the moment I sit at seven Over par which is uh would be 79 if I Par this hole a birdie to finish is what I think it's what's required Look at that new bunker is it maybe Short Let's go maybe Touch and go it's close that new bunker Yeah We're sitting sitting nicely actually oh Good 148 yards A Time Yep Not like I'm saying that like I know What I'm doing today

Yeah yeah yeah that's it yeah anytime I Think I'll clear that that lip Comfortably It should get back there Super sharp give us a bit It's okay A bit of a long putt but It's all right yeah a little bit fat a Little bit fat but could have been worse Though in that bunker you could have Been worse you're dead right okay pull Up short of the green here just in this Little Fringe I think it's it's just my foot has been So bad today Certainly from long range I'm actually Not going to put it which I will do Normally it's forcing me to get the Wedge out which I'm all right with I've Got some nice chip shots today Up and down come on Aggressive Aggressive nice chip I got good contact But when that's a bit too heavy-handed So I put for 79. it's not been quite the Game of golf today I wanted granted but They can't all be tens Let's see if we knock this in for 79. And we'll be back again to try and break 75. Ah I don't know why I'm shocked it's so Surprised I don't know what I'm expecting here are We

Ah never mind Yes well done pal honestly that was a Pleasure thank you very much guys thanks For watching be sure to like And Subscribe check out all the on all of His social media thank you to little Aston for being absolutely Mega A lot of flies time for a Kimmel as we Say here time for a Kimmel the hell's a Kimmel