The cheapest way to improve at golf (seriously)

Choosing The Right Golf GPS System For You

Playing golf is a passion of many people. The past few years have witnessed the rise in interest in golf GPS systems. People are now more inclined towards this new electronic technology that helps them to make appropriate decisions on the golf course. Choosing the right golf GPS system is of utmost importance. These electronic devices save on time as it gives the user knowledge about the distance required for the shot, amongst other important data such as the distance to water and bunker hazards.

Great Golf Is About Making The Right Decisions

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional, or an amateur playing off a handicap of 20. Either way, you’ll realise that golf comes down to decision-making. At every moment during a round, you’ll be thinking about your next stroke.

Great Scope For Manufacturers With Golf Towels

For a manufacturer of golf towels, it is very important to pay attention to quality. For the higher price that you can charge, you must ensure that you offer a premium product. The grade must be a lot better, the towels softer and more supple. You should also ensure that these are towels which do not wear with a wash.

Golf Swing Tips – Why Am I Hooking My Ball to the Right?

There could be many reasons why you are hooking your golf ball to the right it could also be very simple to fix such as just adjusting your grip on your golf club, or squaring up the club. It is likely to be something to do with either your grip or the positioning you are using when taking your shot, the most common reason for people to hook the ball to the right is if you are right handed your left hand is turning during your swing therefore altering the position of the club which would give it you…

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How To Golf For Beginners: A Newbies Approach

If you are looking for quality information about how to golf for beginners, then this article is for you. Our free information and resources will cover topics like golf basics, golf instruction, and golf tips.

3 Secrets to Conquer ‘Tight Lies’ In Golf

Tight lies are those shots where you are too far from the green to use a short chip shot and too close to use a full pitch shot. This range is a huge problem for most high handicap golfers. From this range golfers too often either chunk it sending the ball a few feet or skull it sending a worm burner skipping over the green. This article gives you three simple steps to ensure you escape those tight lies with ease.

Black Squirrel Golf Club, Goshen, Indiana, a 4-Star Certified Course

If you enjoy playing a course that may require you to use virtually every club in your bag, then Black Squirrel Golf Club is one to add to your list. Black Squirrel was designed by Tom Zimmerman in 1988 and opened for play in 1989. Built on former farmland, the course features sloping greens and a rolling terrain.

What Causes A Slice In Golf?

So what exactly causes a slice you might ask! A slice is usually caused by a combination of an out to in swing path as well as an open club face at impact, both of which will have a very negative effect on your golf shot. Here we will aim to point out the main reasons this happens and hopefully get you on the right track to hitting straighter more consistent golf shots.

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Putting Problems? Drills to Help You Make More Putts

Most golfers spend most of their practice time at the range and can hit the ball a mile. But many that spend most of their practice time hitting the long ball will add unnecessary stokes to their score because of a lack of short game. Yet, even the best of putters have blown a short putt that they normally would have made 9 times out of 10. So how can a golfer insure that they won’t add needless strokes to their score due to missed putts that they thought they should have made? Here are putting drills to help assure a lower number on your score card.

Stop Leaking Power From Your Golf Swing Using This Weird Trick

This simple cheap and easy to practice drill will make you stop leaking power from your golf swing and get you hitting longer straighter and more consistent drives. This is a simple drill you can even use indoors to tune up your swing when you can’t get out the the course.

3 Reasons To Tell A Golf Ball Goodbye On The Course

Losing one golf ball is typical for many golfers over the course of 18 holes. Losing two balls is also common and can be a bit disappointing. Losing three balls or more officially qualifies as embarrassing and monetarily costly.

How To Play Golf For Beginners

If you want to learn how to start playing golf your in the right place. But before you even think about stepping out on to the golf course there are a few thing you will need to get you started. These include a basic understanding of golf rules/etiquette, basic golf equipment and a great deal of practice.

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