The Best Putting Mat In Golf! Puttie Product Review

When seeking the best putting mat in golf, one may come across a multitude of options available in the market. In this product review, one will delve into the features, pros, and cons of the Puttie putting mat to help determine if it stands out as the superior choice for honing one’s putting skills.

The Best Putting Mat In Golf! Puttie Product Review


In the fast-paced world of golf, perfecting one’s putting game is often the key to success on the green. With the growing demand for high-quality training tools, Scratch Golf Tips has introduced a game-changer in the form of the Puttie putting mat. This review explores the features and benefits of the Puttie mat, highlighting its quality, portability, and innovative practice games that aim to elevate every golfer’s putting skills to the next level.

Quality and Portability

  • The Puttie putting mat is a top-notch product praised for its exceptional quality and durability.
  • Made from silicon-based material, this 10ft long mat is manufactured in Ireland and lives up to the highest standards.
  • Its compact design allows for easy transportation, making it the perfect training companion for golfers on the go.

Innovative Practice Games

  • Featuring three different hole sizes – large, medium, and small – the Puttie mat offers a versatile practice experience to cater to every golfer’s skill level.
  • The mat is marked for distances ranging from 2 to 10 feet, providing precise measurements for honing in on putting accuracy.
  • The uphill portion of the mat cleverly returns the ball to the player after each putt, streamlining practice sessions for uninterrupted improvement.
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Training Plan and Putting Techniques

  • Scratch Golf Tips recommends a structured 15-minute training plan that involves progressively practicing on all three hole sizes offered by the Puttie mat.
  • Putting towards the uphill area not only enhances ball control but also fosters confidence and aggressiveness in a golfer’s putting stroke.
  • With the convenience of practicing various distances and hole sizes, the Puttie mat ensures a well-rounded training experience that targets key aspects of putting proficiency.


In conclusion, the Puttie putting mat by Scratch Golf Tips stands out as the ultimate solution for golfers looking to master their putting skills. With its superior quality, portability, and innovative practice games, this mat offers a comprehensive training experience that can significantly improve any player’s performance on the green. By investing in the Puttie mat and following the recommended training plan, golf enthusiasts can take their putting game to new heights and step up their golfing prowess with confidence.

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