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Golf Swing Tips – How to Hit Irons Consistently

There are 3 areas that define consistency – consistent contact, direction and distance. We need to work on each separately and in this order to hit irons consistently. Each category has its own specific requirements in order to be done properly.

Garmin Golf Watch Review – The Garmin S1 Approach Reviewed

I am writing this Garmin Golf Watch Review because Garmin, the foremost leader in GPS uits around the world has done it again. The recent addition of the S1 Approach GPS watch for golf is every golf enthusiasts dream, and is collecting great reviews from users around the world.

How to Choose a Wedge

Every golfer should have a wedge as part of his golf set. Wedges have changed over the years. Some time ago golfers would carry a sand wedge for getting out of a bunker and a pitching wedge for shorter shots onto the greens.

Callaway Big Bertha: Clubs Made With The Player In Mind

In the golfing world Callaway Big Bertha golf clubs are continuing to make their mark among the greatest clubs out there. The popularity comes with the fact that these clubs are more forgiving that other clubs available today. Other bonuses include the construction materials used, this line of club is very durable and so it will last a long time if taken care of.

Improve Golf Swing Lag – Drills Using Swing Aids

Having lag in your golf swing is one of the top power generators. To improve golf swing lag, do drills using specific training aids to give you the exact feel, while you hit balls. The only way to get a permanent and ingrained “feel” for maintaining your wrist cock (angle) coming into impact is to have an aid physically on your wrist which keeps it from straightening too early in the downswing.

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How To Fix Golf Swing Faults With Training Aids

The majority of amateur golfers struggle with their swing. Many of the issues are swing faults like over the top, lateral slide, coming out of posture, casting, flipping and the dreaded chicken wing in the follow through. These mechanical faults can result in slices, hooks, topped, thin, chunked (fat), bladed, off the toe, off the heel, and pop ups. As you can see there are a lot of possible outcomes from an inefficient golf swing. What’s the solution? What will it take to improve your technique enough to hit solid golf shots?

Match Play Golf Tips – Know the Match Play Golf Rules

Match play golf is a different feature of the game that makes golf such a versatile activity, and knowing a few match play golf tips and how to play by match play golf rules will add one more dimension into the sport. Whereas stroke play is basically the golfer versus the course, match play golf rules pits one player versus another, called singles match play, or two individuals opposed to two other players, with foursomes and four ball as the most common formats among team play.

A Backward Look at the Golf Grip

Every golf instruction book you read teaches you how to take your grip by showing you where the club goes across your palms and fingers. Try looking at the outside of your hands for a change. This will simplify the process of setting your grip, and give you a more secure grip at the same time.

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Golf Balls Have Greatly Benefited From Invention And Innovation

Incredible technological advancements and engineering innovations have enhanced all aspects of golf over the course of its history. Golf clubs and golf balls are now engineered to precise specifications that didn’t even exist in the days when Bobby Jones was putting the great sport on the map. Swing paths are currently analyzed using 3-dimensional digital software and machinery, and balls have gone from saggy bags that would be used as hacky sacks in modern times to rigid and refined spheres designed to make drives longer and scores lower.

Improve Your Golf Swing Plane With A Training Tool

One aspect of hitting a golf ball solid and consistently is swing plane. Unfortunately, most amateur golfers do not achieve it, nor do they know how to. This is something that you cannot learn by reading golf instruction articles, or even watching swing analysis via video. The only way to ingrain it is by using a training tool that allows you to attain the proper plane throughout your swing, and to actually be able to hit a golf ball to get instant feedback to let you know if you are doing it correctly.

Senior Golf Fitness Exercises For Best Results

The senior golfer is the demographic that can see the most improvement by implementing golf fitness exercises into their training, improvement program. The reason is that the older golfer on average has lost a ton of both strength and flexibility, and it is directly affecting their ability to produce power and even consistency. By doing golf specific workout and training programs that are geared to their initial level of fitness, the senior player will see amazing improvement. Another added benefit is the elimination AND prevention of injuries, which plague the older golfer. They say 80% play in pain at any given time, and most of that is from overuse, because the body is so weak and tight, it just can’t withstand the sheer forces the swing puts on it.

Golf Psychology: Is Your Self-Talk Confidence Enhancing or Confidence Deflating?

In our last article, we discussed what self-talk means and how a negative self-talk affects your mood, thinking and efficiency while playing golf. In this article, I would tell you exercise that will help you identify your thinking pattern whether it is positive or negative and will also tell you how you could change your negative self-talk to positive yourself (if you don’t have a trainer or coach to help you).

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