Swing Essentials Golf Tip: Golf Swing Checkpoints

He or she who controls their clubface, hits better golf shots. It’s a simple face that the face of the club has a huge impact on where the golf ball travels. Golf is a game of angles, and the angle of the face and spine have a special relationship.

The spine angle is the angle set at address from the top of the neck down through the lower back. Many PGA professional golfers keep this angle through the golf swing.

As you bring the club back, freeze when the club is parallel to the ground. Now, check the face angle. Does it match your spine angle? If not, try again. Use the buttons on your shirt. There is a visual for you to see your spine angle and match it to your clubface.

Here are two great checkpoints to get the club on-plane and fix consistency issues. Start hitting crisp iron shots, and bomb drives today! Visit www.SwingEssentials.com today for a free golf lesson!

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