STACK & TILT Irons | How to strike it PURE like the Pros

Ever wanted to flush it off the club face like the Pros? Of course you have!

Learn how to apply the STACK & TILT system to your Irons swing and make better contact than you ever imagined. Golfers are taught to put their weight on their front foot to learn how to chip – why? Because it improves the quality of the contact. So why wouldn’t you do the same for your full shots?

The answer is, YOU SHOULD!

This video will outline the key factors to control the “low-point” of the golf swing which is the #1 fundamental in the Stack & Tilt system. Plus there’s a drill for you to work on to improve all elements of the swing that contribute to better ball striking.

Ready to start FLUSHING it? Of course you are!!! Enjoy the video!

Online lessons available –

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