STABLE Swing Posture | Pelvic Rotation Trick

World Class Colorado Golfing in Roaring Fork Valley

One thing a Colorado golf vacation can offer that is hard to find elsewhere is incredible accommodations at affordable prices. As most people know, Colorado is home to many of the country’s swankiest ski resorts. Even the less-expensive resorts boast excellent lodging and dining opportunities. Well, during the off-season, those same resorts rent their rooms for just a fraction of the cost you might pay during the winter. This means that elite destinations such as Aspen and Snowmass in the Roaring Fork Valley are accessible to virtually all budgets.

The Golf Grip 2

Learn about the basics to improve your golf and lower your score. There are no short cuts to improve your game, you must learn the basics.

Golf Masters – 3 Tips To Help You Become One

No golfer can truly claim to be a golf master, but it’s a great idea to try to become one. So in this article I’m going to give you 3 tips that will help you to improve your golf game like the top pros on the tour.

Golf Girl Petite Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set and Cart Bag – My Detailed Review

The Golf Girl Petite Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set & Cart Bag is a product from Golf Outlets of America Inc, and is the very latest addition to their Golf Girl collection. The length and weight of these clubs is designed for women who are on average 5’4′ in height and are just beginning to hone their skills in golf.

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Time Saving Synthetic Turf Putting Greens Result in the Artificial Lawn Cost Worth the Cash

You don’t need to be a professional golfer to realize the benefits of synthetic turf putting greens. And for the time and money savings with synthetic grass, the artificial lawn cost is well worth it.

Golf Slice Cure – Practice Drills to Improve Golf Shot

If you want to improve your golf slice focus on below mention practice drills. Golf swing setup checkpoints and slice drills will help you to correct your bad slice problem. Bring all the practice drills in your daily routines to resolve the bad slice problem.

What Is Golf Fitness (And What Isn’t)

With the emergence of fitness and athleticism on the PGA Tour, it seems you can’t go ten minutes without a commentator or reporter mentioning a young pro’s strength, body, or conditioning. The Tour has embraced fitness and it is here to stay. It has had a profound effect on the game as evidenced by the recent contention in majors by guys that were supposed to be on the Champions Tour in golf carts.

Why I Need a USGA Handicap Card

As a beginner golfer you are probably wondering what is a USGA card, and why do I need one? This allows you to compete against other players on an equal basis in tournaments and league play.

Golf Is A Game For Crazy People!

Are you a crazy person? If so, Golf is the game for you. Frustrating! Humiliating! Yes, it is all these things. Some days you can’t get anything right. Occasionally, you get almost everything right. These are the days that make you keep coming back for more. Golf is so exasperating, but all you have to do is hit a great drive, a super iron shot into the green, a lovely chip or a brilliant putt and suddenly all is well with the world. Until the next bad shot, that is! It’s fantastic! I love it! The handicap system means that you can play anybody, no matter how good or bad, and still have a good, competitive game, finishing up with a shower and then a drink afterwards, before going home for a zizz. How great is that?

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Golf Clubs – How To Sell Them For A Living

Many people make enough money selling golf clubs on eBay to retire on. Before you dream of doing this here are some important steps that you need to take to be successful in selling golf clubs.

Why Not Buy Used Golf Clubs?

Golf is an expensive sport. That is understood. So if you are starting out, you may be wondering just how long you are going stay with this sport, and just how much money you can afford to spend. Why not buy used clubs?

How to Instantly Improve Your Golf Swing

Golfing is an old sport that began in Europe during the late 19th century and has dramatically refined itself into the sport we have today in these last 50 years. Names like Jack Nicholson or Tiger Woods have become our models for the modern golf swing. However, most of us do not swing a club on the local 18-hole course to make money. We play golf for entertainment, business relations, and the smell of fresh cut grass. You ask, “How can I get decent enough so that I don’t want to throw my clubs every time I swing them?” Well, here are some simple tips to help you.

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