How to Hit a Hybrid Club Off the Ground – Senior Golf Tip!

When it comes to how to hit a hybrid club off the ground, pro senior golf instructor, Dean Butler shows you the perfect technique!

We’re talking about the ball position for hybrids. It’s a simple release as you could possibly get. If you’re going to play let’s say for arguments sake a 4 iron, you would have positioned your ball position just inside your heel by about three or four inches. And the equivalent club for the hybrid would he position in exactly the same position. So they’re basically very much the same when it comes to that ball position. The only difference in the two clubs, is that the hybrid is actually longer, I mean the lower kick point and these two factors are going to make you sure that you’re going to hit this ball further and because of the design of the golf club, where there is deep cavity, the weight around the perimeter, you’re going to find you self hitting much more consistent golf shots, don’t take my words for it, you really will hit better golf shots.

Okay, what are the best shots that you see on the tour is from Tiger Woods he plays a shot called the stinger. And you can play this shot yourself, you might think well, that I can’t really I’m a senior golfer, Tiger Woods is the world’s best; well yes, I’m not going argue with that. But there’s a way of playing it and it’s not as hard as you actually think. So let’s talk you through how to play this stinger. This is a low golf shot, you know it’s a low ball – I imagine it’s a windy day, we got trees over hanging, we’ve got to sting that ball a low trajectory that’s what the stinger is.

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So how do we go about it? Well the first thing is, if you got two hybrids in your bag, try and go for the lowest loft you’ve got out of those two hybrids. Have a look at what you’ve got, then when you’ve selected your club, let’s put that club down – I mean I want to basically put that ball slightly further the back in the stems, because we want to make sure we’re going to hit down and through. When we set up to the ball, again we want to concentrate and just going slightly down the grip, and I want you to put your hands slightly further forward. So that you got the ball back in the stems so that’s where we would have been, we’ve got to put the ball further back because we’re trying to hit down and through.

So once we’re into this position here, we then want to take the club back and what we don’t want to do is to go back and to create a lot of wrist brake, because by doing that we’re going to come in too steep. But what we want to do here is to create a swing which is like a three quarter swing. So from here – what if I said to you set the club back, go to hit its more like a arms rather than a wrists shot, and from here we want to hit down and through. So let’s demonstrate; a three quarter swing, arms back, look at my follow through, it’s a three quarter, I’ve really stung that ball.

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That’s a really good drill golf shot and look at the follow through. Where was it? It was here. It wasn’t up here, it was a mirror image of my back swing, all my concentration and all that club has to be was focus on hitting down and through and a restrictive follow through. The same length for swing is what I had on my back swing. So there you go; that is how you play your hybrid golf shots and that is how you play a stinger. Go to the practice ground, experiment; it’s not as hard as you think, but whatever you do, commit yourself to what we’ve mentioned and you should get the results you’re looking for.

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