If you want a simple golf swing you need simple thoughts. Seems logical right? Unfortunately, most people are making the swing too complicated so they never reach their potential.

This is a simple golf tip that will allow you to understand the swing. Once you have a clear picture of what you are trying to do it’s easy to do a simple swing.

The next time you are at the range or even at home doing some practice swings remember this simple thought and start applying it to your swing. It’s so simple that it will allow you to clear your mind and start hitting amazing shots.

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In this tip I just want to give you a General image of the golf swing so big Part for me or a big thing that I do I Give people images So it's just kind of easy to kind of get A sense of something you're familiar With and then relate it to your golf Swing so something like here wrists They're like a hinge like a hinge on Your door see they hinge they re-hinge Okay in this tip I'm giving you a mental Image of a circle all right I want you To think Your swing is a circle there is lateral To it But I want you to think it's a circle So what I'm getting at if you were to do A swing with your feet together you'd Have one axis you would keep your head Still you would make a perfect circle Because you've got one axis When you spread your feet apart You've got two axes But This is a circle You're only spreading your feet apart Literally about that much with irons And a little more with driver That would be a circle This would Almost be a circle Okay so I don't want you to think that There's this big lateral move So even when you spread your feet apart

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You step up to a ball I want you to imagine It's a circle Okay so c a circle there is lateral But that's going to happen on its own if You think It's a circle because if I'm here like This and I imagine a circle And I take my club back in a what I feel Is a circle my head would move a little Bit that would allow me to load the Weight properly into my back foot as I Make the back part of the circle I'm going to swing it down and through And now I have to complete the circle Over here so if I did that my weight Would shift forward Creating the second half of the circle So I could get the weight shifting Without even thinking about it all I Have to do is think it's a circle Versus thinking it is something like This where you're keeping your head dead Still With your feet apart going Sideways and sideways Okay like this you're bent over too much You're here you've been told to keep Your head still You go down with this shoulder and then Your Club goes up Down Up I'm trying to get you up thinking

There's a circle here so you can go Around and around And I know there's different ways of Learning the swing I get it I just don't Teach that tilted swing You know my students are typically older You know we got a lot of body problems I want powerful effortless pain-free So you try swinging a golf club like a Dustin Johnson it's never going to Happen if you are older it's not going To happen so You need an easier way to do it and I'm Telling you you get this this will never Hurt your body in any way and if it does You're doing it wrong okay this should Not hurt your body and you should be Able to generate lots of Power with Minimal effort So start to see it as a circle so how do You get the feeling of a circle well I Need you to tell it tell yourself how to Do it So when you go to step up to this ball You're going to feel taller don't bend Over too much okay and it's not crazy Tall You know this to me feels taller than This I don't want to be here it's going To hurt my back I'm going to be up a little bit like This I can see the club in the ball clearly Not my toes clearly here I can see my

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Toes this would be too low So I'm going to stand up a little bit Okay Then my thought is going to be Around and around around I want to take The club around and around a circle is A circle you would go around and then Around Not sideways sideways okay So you're going to step up to it like This and you think I'm going to go Around And around and maybe just do that just Hold it up in the air like this Think of a circle you're standing in the Middle of it And you're going to go around And around Okay around and around Pretty easy thought isn't it instead of Sideways sideways Okay around and around get the thought Do it up here and then apply that Feeling to your shot so stay kind of Tall or you know taller don't bend over Too much And then kind of visualize see the Circle You're standing in the middle of it and Think to yourself I'm gonna go around And around Okay Do that with your irons Then with driver

It's even easier It's easier Because driver You're standing even taller If you were standing vertically like This I guarantee if you were going to Take this golf club back you would not Go like that If it was let's say 30 feet long you Would go around and around just to clear That Golf Club imagine 30 foot long golf Club you'd go around and around So with driver if you're standing taller It's a lot easier to go around and Around And that's what I've found over the Years when people learn my swing driver Is probably the easiest Club to hit Pitching wedge would be a little harder Because people want to bend over too Much So that's why I tell people with shorter Clubs stand up A little bit taller and get the around And around sensation okay but like I Said driver should be easy Because you're standing taller so same Thing you're going to stand here like This hold it up in the air you can even Imagine it's 30 feet long how would you Take it back you'd go around and around So you keep doing that you get that Sensation it's not Up

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Okay it's not this tilted swing We're going around and around Get the concept and then of course you Apply that to your shots around and Around Okay you start getting this circular Type of golf swing I'm telling you this Is so much easier to do you'll get a ton Of power You barely hit driver incredibly you Know well because it's taller You'll hit the ball Um obviously a lot longer and feels Effortless and it's pain-free so you'll Be able to do this swing for life you Imagine doing this bent over tilted Swing At 70 odd years old yeah it's not going To happen I've tried it and it kills my Back So I want you to see a different way to Swing But you want to see it as a circle okay That's just a simple image you could Have every time you step up to your ball You visualize a circle you're standing In the middle of it and you think I'm Gonna go around and around I'm not going To go up and down Okay you get that Give it a try I'm telling you this will Be night and day okay then you'll want To keep doing it forever I truly hope you've enjoyed this tip

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