Golf Downswing Tips to Achieve a Better Golf Swing

Achieve a smooth golf downswing and improve your swing. A better golf swing will drastically improve your overall game giving your better scores and more enjoyment.

Applications of Laser Range Finder

Many of us have this perception that laser range finder is only for military use and it cannot be of any help for anyone else rather he or she has served military and likes to keep a collection of tools and equipment which they have previously used, whereas this perception is totally wrong as we can find many other applications of a laser range finder and its use is actually essential in some fields of study as well. We all know that soldiers have to be familiar with the use of laser range finder as it helps them in determining…

Ways To Find Cheap Golf Carts

Although it is the best option to buy golf carts but sometimes they are available at very higher prices so it becomes very difficult to buy them. In these kinds of situations there are many ways that can be helpful for buying cheap golf carts.

Hit the Golf Ball Hard and Straight With Your Body, Not the Club

When I started playing golf, the idea was to “let the clubhead do the work.” “Swing the clubhead” was another way of saying it. Later, another idea came along, that the clubhead is the wrong end. You should swing the handle. Well, you can play either way, but if you really want to hit the ball hard and straight, swing yourself.

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