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hybrid clubs vs irons is a common comparison question that we get, and depending on your style, this could be a great alternative!

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Traditionally, when golfers look at replacing irons in their bag with hybrid golf clubs, people generally look at the longer irons, take out the 3-iron, the 4-iron, even the 5-iron, and replace them with the equivalent long hybrid golf club. And what we often find is golfers really get on with those clubs. They’re really enjoying hitting the hybrid clubs. And then they sort of question, “Well, if only I could take out my short irons and replace those with hybrid golf clubs.” And people don’t really think that’s an option, but it really is. Not many manufacturers make the short iron hybrid golf clubs, but actually Thomas Golf do.

So if I swap my 3-hybrid for this one, my 7-hybrid. Now, with my 7-hybrid, what I see here is the same profile head that I like to see in the 3-hybrid. So I like the pear-shaped design, I like the curve profile at the bottom, I like the rounded sole, I like the alignment line that I got on the top of this Thomas Golf hybrid as well. But what I also like about this is I get the loft, the loft and also the high trajectory and the distance that I wouldn’t necessarily get with my sort of normal short irons. So a 9, an 8, a 7-iron, often fine for golfers who struggle with those short irons, they either thin the ball, they fatten the ball, or they pop the ball up in the air and it doesn’t really go very far. But actually, the short irons made into hybrids should give you the nice high trajectory that you might struggle with, the good sweeping clean contact, and the forgiveness, and the playability that you like in your long hybrids.

So you can replace the long irons for hybrid clubs, but you can now also replace the short irons for hybrid golf clubs. In the next few videos, I’m going to talk you through the best swings that you can use, the best mental approach that you can use to make that change, where you take out your short irons and replace them for short hybrid golf clubs.

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