Should You Have a 2 Iron in Your Bag?

The two iron is one of the most contraversial clubs in golf, as many golfers are firm in their stance to stay away from them, and many love the 2 iron!

In this video, we break down the pros and cons of having a 2 iron in your bag, so you can make an informed decision on using a 2 iron of your own!

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Everybody thanks for tuning in I'm George calling the scratch golf tips and Today we are going to be talking about The Almighty 2 Iron we're going to go Over the pros and cons of using the two Iron and go into some of the specifics About who should be hitting a two iron And who may not benefit from the Utilization of A2 iron so just to get Right into it with the facts of a two Iron a two iron is about the lowest Lofted club that you'll see in terms of An iron I know that there are such Things as one irons but no one's really Carried that since uh Jack Nicholas in The 1960s so the two iron would be the Lowest lofted club that we still see With relative frequency in terms of Distance traveled with a good shot on This club it's probably around Comparable to a five wood or a three or Four hybrid the distance would be Similar this just comes in Iron form Depending on the manufacturer it will be Between 16 and 19 degrees with a little Bit of variance in there and you also May hear the two iron referred to as a Driving iron now this club was the first Ever set of irons I ever owned it's a Bit ancient it's the Ping I twos which For any golfer who is just getting into The game and needing a set of Inexpensive irons that are reliable I Think the Ping I2 will forever and

Always be that set of irons for me so I Actually use this two iron when I was Starting to golf because I couldn't hit A driver and I'm talking about when I Was you know shooting in the hundreds When I I I I was probably a 30 handicap I found a lot of solace in this club off The tee because I found it fairly easy To control compared to the driver but Since I've tailored my game more towards Being better off the tee with my driver And through it I have retired the two Iron four myself because it doesn't Really fit what I need out of this type Of Club in my bag that being said let's Talk about who will benefit from the Utilization of a driving iron or the two Iron if you are a very good striker of The golf ball and you have a consistent Striking pattern meaning you're often in The center of the face you don't hit a Lot off the toe or the heel very often This is a great Club because in my Opinion when you hit the sweet spot on a Driving iron it will you'll get a better Result you'll get more control than if You hit the sweet spot on say a three or Four hybrid that being said the con to This is this is the least forgiving golf Club that I've ever played with if you Hit it just slightly off the toe or Set It Off the heel it's going to come out Dead you're not going to get the flight You want you certainly won't get the

Distance you want when compared to a Hybrid those clubs are meant to be super Forgiving right if you hit it a little Bit off the toe with a hybrid you're you Might not hit the perfect golf shot but Your result on Miss hits is going to be Worlds better with a hybrid than with a Driving arm so the nature of this club Certainly tends towards great ball Strikers generally people who will be a Single digit handicap or lower that's Not to say that if you're a 10 and a Half handicap you can hit a two wire That's not what I'm saying there are Some players who are say a 13 handicap But excellent ball Strikers with their Irons they just struggle around the Greens perhaps so they struggle off the Tee then if you think that your game is Up to Snuff with your long irons and Your ball strength with them it's Certainly worth trying out and I say I Say worth trying out because you can try Out a few different clubs obviously you Know you have a title is two iron maybe From their AP iron set that's going to Perform and look very different than What Callaway offers with their Apex or Their Rogue irons and that will look Very different than what TaylorMade Makes because TaylorMade actually makes A gap R Club spelled g-a-p-r which is Almost like an iron hybrid hybrid it's Not quite a hybrid it's not quite an

Iron so it's an iron hybrid if you will And a lot of people really like to turn To that club and that has a very similar Loft and very similar characteristics as The two iron another aspect of the two Iron that could draw a lot of golfers to It is many people find irons much easier To shape and control the the the boss Light than they do with hybrids I know Personally I find it much easier to Control a fade and a draw with an iron Than I do with it with a hybrid in my Hand so if you like to use this club off The tee and you know some courses you Play you need both ball flights or if You like to hit this into par fives Where you want to be able to hit that High draw or the low fade whatever it May be I've always found for my game and The way that I swing the golf club that I can shape the ball better with this That's not the case for everyone but I Know that a lot of people who love Striking their iron solidly and who can Do so consistently they find it easier To shape these shots so if that's Something that you find important in Your game this is absolutely a club to Look into finally another Pro to using a Two iron which I think a lot of people Sometimes Overlook is naturally the two Iron will fly a lot lower than a five Wood will than a than a four hybrid will This will naturally go a little bit

Lower so I know that on social media we Also use videos of beautiful Stinger Shots well this almost naturally will Hit a stinger shot unless you have it Fairly in the front of your stance this Club will go low it will roll out a lot You won't get a ton of carry on it Unless you again want to change that Bubble position to get that carry on it But if you play in windy conditions if You play on hard Fairways this club will Fly low it can flight the wind very well And if if you keep it low and you strike It well you're obviously going to get Roll out on those hard Fairways so That's a little bit of an idiosyncrasy Of the club that you know it depends on Where you're playing if you're playing In Florida for instance we don't have a Terrible amount of wind especially if You play in the morning and a lot of the Fairways you know we get a lot of we get We get a decent amount of rain and we Also you know we don't have that firmest Fairways around the Bermuda doesn't Always get to be too firm so if you're Playing on St Andrews every day you know Good good for you first off but you're Gonna have wind there you're going to Have firm Fairways this club could make More sense and it's also worth noting That if you like your two iron but you Don't necessarily see yourself using it Every day and you have the funds

Available to do so buy your two iron Maybe get it fit and just swap it out of Your Club if you're playing uh Tournaments if you're playing member Guests if you're playing on certain days This club can absolutely be more Valuable an asset to you than having a Three hybrid in the back so you can own 15 clubs you can only show up with 14 But you can certainly swap them out There's no problem doing that I'd love To hear your thoughts on the two iron And your experiences with it I know that A lot of people have really liked it Tour Pros it used to be fairly popular You know 30 years ago I know that tiger Had a two iron in his bag for a very Long time Rory has turned to it a lot of Players will turn to it um for us opens And the opens because as I said you have Firm Fairways you have a lot of wind This is a great Club to have in the bag But please leave a comment down below Your thoughts on the 2R and I read and Reply to all comments on these videos If You you enjoyed this video I'd Appreciate it very much if you'd love to Like rating that helps do two things one It helps YouTube show this content to More people who will find it helpful it Also helps me see what type of content You are all enjoying so that I can cater Future uploads to your needs if you'd Like to see more content from scratch

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