Short Sided Chips: How To Get Up & Down More From Tricky Spots

I have always struggled with short-sided chips, trying to get up and down from tricky spots on the golf course. But through practice and learning effective techniques, I have improved my game and want to share valuable tips with you in this blog post.


If you’re like me, someone who loves spending time on the golf course, you know that tricky spots can make or break your game. That’s why I was thrilled to come across Scratch Golf Tips’ latest video on short-sided chips. In this review, I’ll share my thoughts on how to improve your game and get up and down more often from those challenging spots.

Exploring Short Sided Chips

When it comes to short-sided chips, mastering the technique is essential for every golfer. These shots require precision, finesse, and strategic thinking. Scratch Golf Tips does an excellent job of breaking down the complexity of short-sided chips and making it easy to understand for golfers of all levels.

I explain short-sided chips for tricky golf course spots by demonstrating the importance of club selection and shot trajectory. The key is to assess the lie, green conditions, and the distance to the hole to choose the right approach.

Mastering the Three Approaches

In the video, Scratch Golf Tips demonstrates three ways to approach short-sided chips: high trajectory, mid trajectory, and low trajectory shots. Personally, I prefer mid trajectory shots with a 56° wedge for safety. This allows me to control the ball flight and achieve consistent results on the course.

To get maximum spin and control, I emphasize accelerating through the ball at impact. This technique creates the necessary backspin to stop the ball quickly on the green, giving you a better chance to save par or make that crucial birdie.

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Practice Makes Perfect

To excel in short-sided chips, it’s essential to practice different shots with various clubs. Scratch Golf Tips stresses the need for experimentation and finding what works best for you. By dedicating time to practice these shots, you’ll build confidence in your abilities and improve your performance on the course.

In addition to technical skills, mental comfort and confidence play a significant role in executing successful short-sided chips. Take a moment to visualize the shot, trust your instincts, and stay focused on the club path while accelerating through the ball. These mental aspects can make a significant difference in your overall game.


In conclusion, Scratch Golf Tips’ video on short-sided chips provides invaluable insights and tips to help golfers navigate tricky spots on the course. By mastering the three approaches, practicing consistently, and focusing on mental comfort, you can enhance your skills and get up and down more often.

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