Never Bend Over Again With The Putt Mark Putter by Bob Burns Golf – Picks up and mark the ball

The Bob Burns Putt-Mark putter is senior friends and picks up the ball from anywhere including the cup. The CNC milled putter is also marks the ball and picks up the marker. Putt-Mark putters and made and assembled to order in Appleton, WI. This face balanced design putter offers superior feel, great end over end roll and makes the game of golf easier on your back.

The putt-mark putter makes a great gift for seniors.

Golf equipment manufacturer and home of the No Bananas Anti-Slice Driver. Bob Burns Golf offers a wide variety of custom built golf equipment for golfers of all skill sets. Drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters, training aids and more.
At Bob Burns Golf, we take pride in providing an atmosphere that is friendly and stimulating both for those who are just beginning to learn the game and for those intermediate and advanced golfers who are already committed to improvement. Our missions in teaching and advising are to enable people of all ages to understand the basic principles of the golf swing, and to aid individuals in fully understanding through video analysis, drills, exercises and beyond to help golfers find their potential.
Company Overview
Bob Burns Golf is home of the world famous Anti-Slice No Bananas Driver. A family owned and operated business located in Appleton, WI and founded in 1975 by Bob Burns PGA Master Professional and Top 50 golf instructor. Bob and staff have been helping the average golfer improve with quality game quality game improvement golf equipment backed with a lifetime guarantee and 100% money back guarantee and an unmatched level of service. Bob Burns Golf manufacturers a wide variety of innovative golf equipment and training aids. Most recognizable of the bunch include: the Roll-In adjustable weighted putter, Plus / Minus +/- custom ground forged wedges, no chicken wing training aids, Offset Drivers, Irons, Hybrids, accessories, even persimmon woods. More information about the No Bananas equipment and more, log on to

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