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Your wrist movement remains one of the most important athletic motions in your golf swing, with the action weighing heavy on a player’s ability to achieve deep, accurate distance all around the golf course. Golfers who suffer from poor wrist action more often than not struggle when it comes to getting their ball to the hole.

As George Gankas golf lessons continue to astound the entire world, few tips or drills can compare to the tour experience methods that George uses to assist his students with adopting a golf swing that pairs well with the athletic motion natural to their bodies. With a few former students now reaching the ranks of professional golf tours, Gankas’ lessons have become the entire curriculum for the GG Swing Method Online Golf Academy, where players from around the world can apply GG’s teachings to their own game.

With coverage in nearly every major golf publication and media outlet, George Gankas golf swing tips have become a highly regarded source for the global golf community, as players of all levels utilize the drills and lessons to further improve the athletic motion of their golf swings. By imparting the strategies many top speed golf pros use to succeed, Gankas has transformed the entire sport for many golfers who otherwise may have never been able to achieve such things on the course.

Me and my golf students rarely think about wrist hinge in terms of being one of the chief movements in our swing. In fact, during the majority of our golf swing, we cannot even see our wrists so most maintain little oversight on what and where their wrists are conforming to their swings.

A flat wrist position at the top of our swing refers to the front wrist. As a popular position with many top speed golf pros, me and my golf students find it to be quite acceptable in regular play. The wrist position finds the back of the front wrist remaining flat during the top of your golf swing. When applied, you may observe some sideways motion in the direction of your target, but your wrist will still remain flat.

Bowed wrist positioning at the top of your golf swing refers to the action of bowing your front wrist during the backswing. Many players with tour experience apply this method to their swings. While a slightly more difficult wrist position to execute, when done correctly players often experience expanded distance on their shots.

Cupping your front wrist during the top of your backswing is one position that many players apply to their swings. While not the most ideal wrist setting for many, players with exceptional coordination between their hands and eyes are able to do amazing things with this move. While adding a considerable amount of difficulty to your existing swing, some with tour experience argue that the payoff does not justify the trouble.

With many novice players believing the sports to be ready set go or fore play golf, some will find the frustration of poorly composed golf swings overwhelming and may even quite before developing any proper form. For those who believe there will be better golf drills along the way that can quick fix their swing flaws, save yourself the time and stop looking for such things. Focus on developing sound fundamentals and keep an eye on coaches who have actual tour experience rather than claiming to be better golf instructors simply because they’re peddling the flavor of the month.

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