Stop Coming Over The Top – Use This Golf Swing Drill To Hit Better Golf Shots

Do you suffer from weak shots that spray-off to the sides of the golf course? Much of these bad swings start in the first movement of your backswing.

When your clubhead inappropriately moves inside the swing path … the tendency of the Golfer is to over-correct. Usually by ‘throwing’ your clubhead outside the swing path on your forward swing.

This happens because: if your clubhead is inside the swing path on the way back … you’ll need to make a correction while transitioning to the forward swing. So that you can get back on the correct path to the golf ball.

Yet, if you over-correct … your club is now outside the optimal swing path. Thus, your club will be cutting across the golf ball as you hit it.

Watch this new video from Golf Made Simple where Jordan Hamblin (GMS Instructor) shows you a simple drill to start hitting better golf shots.

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