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Practicing Putting – How to Lower Your Golf Scores Faster Than Anything Else!

When you want to get into talking about golf and how you can get lower scores fast you need to realize a few things. Practicing putting is probably the best thing you can do and I am here to convince you of such a thing with a few tips and tricks to help you play better golf. This is coming from someone that has made the journey from a 22 handicap to a 5 and has a degree in Teaching Golf so Listen up if you want to play better golf!

Beware The Feline Golfer With A Good Putter

Female golfers get a lot of stick from their mouthy male counterparts. “Golf is a man’s game,” the chauvinistic older-school members of the boys’ club might say, or “women just can’t play like men.”

How To Assess Your Golf Fitness Needs

Many golfers find it difficult to improve their golf swings due to physical issues. This article touches on what a golfer can do to assess their physical abilities in order to identify areas where a fitness program can help them make improvements to their golf swing.

Swing, Don’t Hit – Four Elements of a Good Golf Swing

A golf swing rarely comes naturally to a player. If it did, it would not be one of the great mysteries of the sporting world. With so many things to think about when trying to execute the perfect golf swing, maybe you should first work on three or four basic functions that will get your swing off the ground.

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