Can Rick Shiels Break 75 at TPC SAWGRASS?

Can Rick Shiels Break 75 at TPC SAWGRASS?

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Honestly this is an exciting one it Really is the place just looks like a Video game it doesn't look real here we Go all right on it oh that felt really Bloody good boom that's the Rory line Right there Oh fatted it I'll get lucky I felt like A marathon how to make golf hard Okay let's make something happen here at Sawgrass Go in the hole Just epic let's go look at this the most Famous part three in the entire world Wow It's a special place All right guys exciting one today TPC Sawgrass the home of the PLAYERS Championship now this golf course is one Of the best in the world I'm sure many Of you know it's iconic whole the 17th Par 3 island green today with the help Of Nick mccaby yeah let's go I'm gonna Try and break 75 around this golf course Now it is spectacular space I mean it Really is the clubhouse behind us Incredible there's so many Fantastic Golfers down here it is the home of the PGA tour Now I'm excited about this one and I'm Sure I'll say phenomenal a lot of times So bear with me on that now to kick Start this video I'm even going to do a Giveaway I've just been in the Fantastic Pro Shop and bought a load of Swag if

You want to win the swag make sure you Like this video leave a comment down Below and subscribe to the YouTube Channel we're getting close to 2.5 Million subscribers and I'll pick a Lucky winner very soon right Nick would You reckon my chance to start breaking 75. I'm feeling pretty confident I I Said it to you when I met you I said you Know I've been a follower for a while I Have confidence and you have confidence In myself I think we're getting ready to Rock and roll this golf course man rock And roll this golf course now you just Saw a minute ago the sign on the T Obviously we're only weeks out in fact Hopefully when you're watching this Video it's the week of the PLAYERS Championship so they're keeping the back Tees rightly so in pristine condition For the tour Pros so if you come around Here we're gonna be playing off the Slightly forward tees today only just Slightly forward we're gonna go as far Back as we can and look at this for an Open Hull I mean it's just Spectacular Now the hot as I mentioned the whole Place is spectacular and even just Arriving here earlier today the guys Have really looked after me they've put Me in a locker in the tour pro only Section and next to some huge names in The world of golf you get a little bag Tag with your name engraved on it and we

Got even access to the winners locker Room all the winners that have won this Fantastic Championship have a locker in There A special place it really is I mean it's Just iconic so without further Ado let's Get out there let's go and break 75 it Is starting to ever so slightly Trinkle With a bit of rain Let's hope that holds off And let's hope we can rain birdies oh Roughly 400 we're looking at today from This Tee Box that Lone Pine Tree is Really our Target line nothing's really Going to get through on that line you're Looking at maybe 322 that tree Um driver is a good play from this Tee Box although placement with a Three Wooden isn't going to hurt you as well Drive is good for me Michael yes sir so Am I staying left at a bunker on the Right yes sir you can see that Lone Pine Tree just kind of hanging out in the Left corner before the dog leg we're Trying to fall just inside right of that Okay All right perfect play well thank you Let's honestly it's an exciting one it Really is the place just looks it's like A video game it doesn't look real Incredible right let's hopefully we can Do its service do it justice Drive off the first slightly down Breeze Let me try and fade run

Into exactly where Nick told me to hit It to Lessons will very well goodbye is that Good perfect Absolutely where you want to be Fact so I like the sound off thank you Right inside right of that pine tree Good ball Good that felt really bloody good I've been hitting shots on the Range I've been doing a little bit of short Game practice bit of putting I feel like I'm living life like a torpo Right now here Nick I would say they've Kind of given you the full treatment Better treatment than I received I Obviously don't I've never been in that Locker room here now I don't I don't Believe that no that's incredible I'm so Happy that they set you up with Something like that um it really is an Experience we get a lot of people who Come out here and they get to experience Something similar like that and they're Just blown away by the level of service That that we provide here and everything So we're in we're in store for a really Good tree today guys a really good tree And again going back to my point as it's On the T the Finish to this round of Golf is spectacular the 16th hole the Par five which hugs the water the Water's on your right hand side Obviously they

The most famous Par 3 in the world I Think that's that's quite easy most Famous most photographed most famous Most photographed Hopefully now most filmed golf hole in The world of 17th it's island green it's Only short but I'm sure my heart will be Racing if I've got a good score on or if Even if I've not and then the last hole Even the par for 80s Water all the way down the left-hand Side and it kind of forces you to draw Because of the shape of the hole but if You overcook it the ball's going wet and I'm sure In fact I'm always positive we might see Some big Gators out here as well today Right what an opening t-shirt Middle of the Fairway and a good look at The pin Rick we got 98 yards to the flag Stick I don't hate you past this a Little bit and to the right of this flag Stick that false front up up front Anything that lands short of that flag With spin it's coming off the front Okay Watch you Nick 98 is my favorite yardage In the world I love it Yeah like I said maybe a smidge past it And right of that flag leaves us with The aggressive uphill putt okay all Right second shot into the first hole Oh fatted it Travel a little Bit just caught it a little bit fat I

Think the pristineness of the fairways Kind of scared me a little bit Yeah you Didn't want it you didn't want to take Any of that well definitely we got the Sand to replace it so That was a silly shot after such a great Tee shot I was uh I felt confident over That as well but just didn't quite catch It damn right so we could still get up And down yeah up and down for four and On to a par five That was annoying puttings hey I'm okay With the the Texas wedge in Florida I Mean We are all right with that Just know that this uh thank you this Longer stuff is a little bit I like to Describe it as grindy you kind of got to Grind through this stuff because it it's Sticky Big swinger left to right here all right Thanks pal Disappointing second shot but we're Gonna look past that Up the hill Green's applying a a comfortable Pace Not stupid scary Probably about at me here Rick that's Probably gonna be the best line I can Give you Oh I've not hit it Well so that's so good on the T and I've Now just made a little bit of a hash of This first hole that's not what I want

To be doing but you never know there Might be a chance of holding them out Outdoor one I should have hit that much harder Nick Apologize Rick if you kind of Follow That Old Cup In right there I like the ball being on The inside right to right edge of this Old hole at that point in the putt okay Okay right there is where it all starts Turning in Okay see if we can salvage your power After a scrappy a few shots there It's not the pace A little bit shy we'll start that one in All right first one's done five and you Better off to make a bogey on the first Hole I feel Nick yeah I mean They do say like you can only go one way With a birdie on the first hole so About to worry A little error why not not anything You've not seen before let's be honest Is it Nick was just telling me a normal Seven handicapper out here when they Come and play the handicap typically Doubles they end up shooting around About 14 over yeah Close to it driver's fine on this one Rick par five Um playing just over 500 we're looking At like 520 from the t-box we're playing Right now if you look up that right side Of my Fairway you'll see three swales it

Starts at the beginning and it extends All the way to the back one we're trying To be in line with that last Swale on The right okay okay All right second hole par five does Require a little bit of a draw off this Tea Yeah come on all right It's on that third Swale in between the Second and third Swale I like it thank You appreciate it good swing okay so Just just missed the Fairway a couple of Yards out and come have a look at this You can hardly see the golf ball so you Get on top of it it's nicely sat down so We're gonna lay up on this one then Nick Yeah just because we our angle is kind Of a little cut off being just in the Rough line right here 237 overall let's Just kind of look at this American flag We're looking for like a 165 shot okay 180 put you through on that line just Right of the American flag so 165 170 a Little right of that American flag it's Going to put us in a good score so seven Nine just with that little bit of wind I Love it yes sir Oh Get over it Yes oh just ah you cleared that by a Mile that's just Pete die messing with Your eyes right there oh really yeah Okay we're in a good spot yes sir all Right slightly hits it right but it's

Fixed it fizzed out it's right in my Target line but it's fizzed out when We're back on The Fairway let's see here 75 yards overall a little breeze left to Right primarily is a touch of hurt I'm Okay with this one a little past and Left of the flag as well okay okay so Third chance is part five 75 yards It's a little three-quarter sandwich That's it all right on it That's it oh you almost dunked it Not Pitch marks are right next to the Hole my friend Great shot got a little another little Glance in then you know didn't it a Little sauce yeah it add a little look In that was nice nice little fizzy one In there and as Nick said you should see The pitch mark in a minute it looks like It landed about Three feet well three inches sorry Should I say away from slamming straight In for an eagle We might have just walked off the golf Course there and then if that would have Gone in there Yeah look at that wow I mean it wasn't Exactly going for that Is Very close to being a a three right Ultimately it's like just over a cup and A ball on that on that right side for You okay if you're trying to dye it in There it could be a little more than

That I like the firmer route though Personally oh All right let's eliminate that five here Yeah let's get straight back to level Paw birdie put on number two Not hit it oh A little firmer and it's in back of the Cup oh I didn't hit it That's a shame All right next opportunity my friend Next opportunity that was a good Opportunity to that You could be you can be aggressive on These greens they're not the totem at Speed yet and I need to I need to trust That a little bit okay third hole pins Playing just over 140 but the wind's Just helping a little bit so I'm gonna Actually go with pitching wedge and see If we can just get enough of it to fly It back there Well I've told it Winds kind of holding it out there a Little bit yeah He would have got there yeah I Definitely would have ah I just caught The toe Rick this ball tend to see if You notice this is a pretty big down Slope yeah coming out of the rough There's not gonna be much spending we're Downwind you're looking at just trying To carry something in here yeah Should get that forward spin like Bobble Off the off the club head sounds good to

Me a little 60 degree This green this grass around the green Is just so Lush and green I mean it really is a stunning place Yeah good hands thanks Just started right on me but thank you To add a little right a little wind push Too okay so to clean up the three here On the third Yeah thank you call that a stress-free Three my friend three three there was a Bit of stress in there I wasn't told I Guess that's a personal thing and it Wasn't totally stress Sauce it is it's just a magical place I mean this is like white sand I mean there's no denying it I mean it's Almost like Augusta rest Kind of the finish of it really Impressive this is such a good golf Course Fourth hole and what summer It really is so we're only looking at 350 today Um ultimately you only need 240 off this Tee Box but I like the way you're Hitting the driver so we're just looking At it coming down the left edge of the Green Thank you Yeah Beauty Perfect thank you we're in a good spot We're in a good spot really good spot Thanks drive us back baby

The drive is back Okay second shot into this part four What we've got Nick we have 102 yards For the flagstick Better to be slightly passed yeah a Little past and a little right I mean You can kind of see that little backstop That's behind there too that you can Work this off of Um definitely has to flag at least fly At least flag high if not past it that False front in front of that flag will Definitely suck it back down with this Wind okay 50 degree I'm gonna go with I'm going to take not a lot of it to be Honest Wind It's just a little collection area over There Should be tight grass It's not a bit of wind then Seems to drift and then stop not stop Drifting Now once that kind of got above that Tree line it just started drifting Didn't it right Nick It's not the worst place in the world It's not it's not we're on the we're on The right side of the hole is what some Like to say why did it land Oh you just landed right there to your Right here a little bit Oh yeah Voila okay

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Yeah I think it did jump as well let's Learn from our first hole Yeah so I'm Gonna go putter I'm going to harden it Yeah I like that Only because the other thing is there's Water beyond the green I think me Getting a wedge out here is uh So ultimately Rick we're looking right To left all the way to the hole okay Yeah shouldn't shouldn't stop moving Right to left Easy Oh lovely good putt thank you okay let's Just clean this one up slightly left to Right inside the hole Yes sir Yeah on to the next one Let's keep trying to rock those piles up One over three four I think I'll take That yeah I think it would yeah I think You're off to a pretty decent start here It's past 72. Off these tees it's gonna be a bit of a Hybrid of tease but it's playing under Seven thousand yards kind of somewhere Over six and a half thousand to seven Thousand okay fifth Hill powerful slight Dug leg to the right as you can see out In front of us Fairways on the left and You've got the beach And you've got effectively to see There's no sorry it's just a lake Um down the left hand side give it a rip Carrot Curry hold a little left here

Ah really close very close just caught The beach good job I practice those Fairway bunk shops yeah look at that so I just caught the side Bank of this Bunker probably probably caught at Around about here Two yards left it's easy to say but it's Down the Fairway and far away Unfortunately it's just kicked over to The right side of the bunker there if I Forgot Nick that's got to be playing Closer to like that 85 89 somewhere Around that I think is a safe number to Put us on the green give us a good Opportunity well hopefully I can get Over this little bank there's just yeah You should really I mean if you were to Go right at the flag you'd be right on The edge of it if you go a little left On the flag it shouldn't be in play at All for you okay it's clever design Though because the fish would have Carried on kick it over they made these Humps bigger it would make this Fairway Bunk shot very challenging Luckily for me it's just Far enough back to be able to hit a five Iron it's quite a long shot it's a long Second shot into this hole though I Think five's good I normally hit this About 190. I would be hitting I think We're around those same distances I have A five iron in my hand Oh get lucky

Come out of there Well Fairway It's actually hit about five trees and It's popped down short left not ideal I Kind of overturned it Which I can sometimes do in a bunker we Should be all right down there okay I Got lucky I hit this big tree here and it's Bounced back out into the Fairway We've got this little shot I got this right Nick yes sir That's it All right Went for connection didn't really think About distance that's all right that's Okay sometimes hitting the Green from There Nick is a is a win that's an Accomplishment yes sir It's uh this game is definitely uh you Have to weigh the small victories yeah You have to you have to we're looking at Nick looks like it wants to fall left at First it might kind of Squirt a little Right at the hole though outside power Opportunity we're definitely in the same Postal code as far as the line on your Golf ball there okay all right down the Hill just get the speed right It's not going to get there It's not going to get there oh Ah The greens are definitely not quite Tournament speed right now no not not

Quite yet Sir confident stroke take a five so two Over three five Just slides we're gonna heat up man yeah Just a slight Mist drudge off the tea And then didn't Kind of Hit the right shot of the bunker But we got a birdie hole coming up right Here so the deal coming up okay six hole Par Four and what an unbelievable hole Close to 400 yards Um we're looking up that right hand Center as this is one of Pete dye's Favorite holes he designed out here Good Thinking just caught bunker Either just covered or just caught right That kind of peninsula is right there Might just be in between the two yeah I don't know if I can get there Because if I hit that it's just gonna Literally go to space And I don't think it the other thing it Matters what club I hit it's just going To keep going up Yeah and the the flatter the club we get The higher the number I mean you're Taking the bank into play with that you Know might not even want to come off the Club head Okay 112 yards I want to hit a Titan And just see if I can send it to space Yes sir All right might be it could be in a

Bunker uh we could just be a little left For that bunker okay Greenside bunker we've got a load of Green to work with here you've got to be Quite cute Splash the sound a lot of open Club face Sand Spin Wow yeah I didn't hit enough sand okay Shot from the back of the green Go Really don't see a whole lot from that Other side yeah you can kind of keep it Inside the hole from from back here I Like that Well positives I felt like a marathon Another great hole here water on the Left bunker kind of a similar ish to the Last hole but much more visually the Water here on the left hand side so I'm Going to try and hit hard cut off it Rick when you catch that good how far Would you say that you do cover carry Distance about 280. All right so in line with where that guy Is in white he's right next to a bunker My Fairway does run out at around like That 270 Mark okay where he's at into a Bunker Um it's a still a full shot in from There so let's just I want you to favor The left Center if we can just inside Right of those palm trees okay all right Let's do it

Oh that's terrible Sit down on that line All right Yeah that was uh that was rough that was A die needle that was a don't go left Rise oh my God I nearly missed that one The anti-left swing yeah Visually so powerful off the sea yeah This golf course Pink dye will mess with your eye and There's no flat lie when you play P dot I mean I'm I'm gonna suggest some Advil Here and we just take our medicine my Friend some ibuprofen just coming back Out here because ultimately and I'm not Drill It Low I mean we can I don't know if it just Benefits us though is there any water Yes I was there so there's water Immediately past this little Bush right There okay I think I can still go over The almost see the rake on the bunker Yeah yeah If you uh if you like your launch angle There We're looking for something that's going To cover 100 yards okay on that line It's a hundred to that rake from where We're standing let's go 50 please there We go and Rick just be very cautious of Pine needle under your feet this is Fresh it's super slippery so you can Clear this pine needle out is completely Legal to do

Oh Pizza Hut yep good swing okay third shot Into this part four left myself a little 50 yard pitch into this green back into The wind it's pulling in close That's gonna check real nicely well done Oh I checked a bit too nice okay outside Opportunity for par let's see if we can Steady this ship a little bit I'm just Kind of looking at that first pitch mark That short of the hole is really where I'm at okay I'll Trust you on that looks good to me Um yeah Rick let's just be a little Inside of it actually okay there's a Little inside of it and we're gonna have To play that firm Pace we're looking Like a foot past the hole okay To try and Salvage your path to going in The pine come on nicely up the hill Firming up the hill right to left Why are you getting the pace They look faster than they are All right yeah it could be a little bit More aggressive there third bug on the Bounce past three eighth hole 87 actual yes sir so in slightly into Breeze and Nick was saying it plays About half a club longer anyway And it's kind of hit a normal fall iron It I like that Thor normally goes about 205. yeah no need to step on that club At all I like that nice and smooth We're in

Ah I got over that bunker yeah I just Pulled it a little bit Try to hit a high one really And then just slightly pulled it Pin high but left Just really bright messes with your head This golf course The visuals of it all even these trees As much as they're not Encroaching the shot one bit almost the Presence of them alone just makes it Feel more kind of channeled almost like You're trying to hit it through a shoot Well if these weren't there Instantly it feels like a different hole It's very clever course design it makes You Kind of more intimidated than you need To be really All right we need to make some parts Here Nick we need to get back on instead Of the ship that's three in a row for Sure four over now got the bald eagle Flying up over here too okay gone a Little bit long here on the par three I Suppose I've pulled it with the four Iron it's traveled a bit further and Kicked off this bank so this little Rough area just behind Much advice Nick land it on let it roll Down yeah I mean you were looking at Maybe just this first Leaf that's left Of the flag right here this is as far as

I would fly it Okay I know it looks like a big Embankment right to left as it gets to That hole it will fall to the right Speed through the longer grass Foreign Frustrating I felt like I should have Hit a better shot from there Rick I mean I almost have you starting this dead Straight maybe just a little off left of The hole there okay okay All right come on Rick making some silly Mistakes here now Come on Oh a little less pace Wow How to make golf hard very quickly A few little mistakes creeping in here But See if we can walk off here with a four Got a decent read on it on the way past Yeah I like what you're looking up the Hill right the hill yes sir All right again I just don't feel like I'm getting the Speed I've hit that one too hard on the Way down I did have a a bad Bobble off The the club had like a hit a bump or Something oh silly double bogey there Really silly Out of nowhere Well I will say that's the longest par Three we had to offer today I I easily Think it's the hardest part three we

Have so oh without question Let's uh Just make up a stroke on this par five Coming up here Rick we got this I like His attitude this is easy Rick we got par five Slight dog leg right but then it even Dog it's a double dog like it comes back To the left when we hit our approach Shot into the hole so I've got a bit of Anger in this one Nick all right so We're gonna be looking at that bridge Can you see that bridge kind of left Center yeah so that's where we need to Land in line with right there over 500 Today about 540 what we're playing it Okay a little bit annoyed I thought but Double Bogan the last that was stupid so Let's even get one back here with the Birdie Should be good That's a fair way yes sir Great ball thank you I needed that one yeah needed it Then and then it's a bit frustrating That last last few holes let's see if we Can let's see if we even finish the Front down with the bird yes sir Nice middle of the Fairway beautiful Shot thank you set you up for the next One just fine The start sale the ground Stones being Put up here as well now one here by the Other side of nine and the ones you'll See on 18 and 17.

Kind of for a moment in time then forgot About the 17th If I start getting my start to start Hitting some greens again building that Confidence up but you know you guys know I always play better about nine right We're looking 285 to the stick overall Okay yeah ultimately if you can't get Something to 285 it makes no sense Slapping the big guy up there I'm Looking for a 200 shot okay okay I want Us to land left edge of that grandstand It's kind of like that tree line there Anything that's left of like left of Center could block you out with those Trees with that bunker over there all Right No more left than that Down Yeah Okay scroll we're in a a good spot let Me show you third chance is part five I'm gonna have a little wander up Because we've got time There's no one really behind us and the Group in front of only just finished This is such a a beautiful Approach owns this par five I've also Got to show you some of the unique Bunkering around here from Pete Dye like Look at this bunker is this the smallest One Nick And there's another one to your right Like it's not much bigger than a wedge

Either way then over this little bank There's another tiny little one over There you're up onto the plateau try to Double check how much green I had to Work with Come on Rick I really want to finish This front line with a birdie okay so 60 Yards that's where we're looking to fly Yes sir 70 overall Grab your teeth eat grip All right grip's a bit late yeah pulled It down wind might have carried that a Little bit more a bit low fizzy thanks Nick no worries he's such a nice guy He's really helping kind of chill me out Calm me down Exciting always always really exciting Playing such a prestigious golf course Always feels incredibly lucky I Appreciate you guys obviously for Watching liking and subscribing Don't forget if you enjoyed this video Hit like leave a comment and subscribe To the channel for a chance of winning That Sawgrass swag Ah I've over hit it a little bit too Much there Didn't want to get cute though As you saw those couple of bunkers Wouldn't have been the best spots to be In quite a bit off the right Nick yeah I Mean I'm only kind of looking at that Old hole here Like inside of it

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Okay I like that Get it to the whole wreck come on back Now get it to the hole oh can't seem to Oh unlucky there get it today So the greens aren't rapid Yeah the little firefood we're back on Track here okay thank you my friend yeah No worries so I think that was Um a six over front nine not the Greatest four Bogue isn't a double Lots of working on about nine well I Will say I see lower scores on the back Than I do on the front out here every Single day So we got 260 to that tree through the Fairway like my Fairway runs out at 260 From the c-box okay really in line with It if you're if the ball comes down like The left side of the canopy of that tree It's a shorter shot if we're on the Right side it's maybe just one extra Club okay Um but ultimately right at that tree is Perfect 10 tell Pop full beautiful holes Sweet frown to the left hand side I mean just beautiful frame it so at That kind of kind of hear the tree yes Sir that white tent yeah that's a good Target to be looking at yes I can hit This full I normally hit it's about 250. I like that Oh it's a bit High Leaky might be just first car rough There

I actually caught a little Fairway there Yeah a little bit high in wafty that Winds off the right there too it was Just kind of helping beating it yeah That's all right right come on it's all Right I've got another shot in here sold On you this about nine pal hey we got it This is nice beautiful hole You know Rick a mirrored image of number One It's just different foliage is how they They kind of Psych you out with it yeah That's true it is Got 157 yards to the flagstick right What's the wind doing Wind straight off That right I mean it could be helping on Our angle a little bit if the draw wants To ride the wind I think we're playing something pretty Close to the number though Well whether it be that five five or It's 60. Well well I hit it like a Bang on 50 or uh 62 62 is fun I think that's that's closer to the Number so okay eight iron I'm just gonna go middle of the green I Don't think I need all of this And the wind should just drift it back Come on let's start making some birdies When Spin left Spin All right that just got off in a little

Swale I can like see the top of the ball Still I think okay so we go up on the Green it's uh It's pitched here it's pretty much Pitched on the number just didn't dig Its teeth in quick enough yeah that wind Probably had it gave it a bigger bounce Too than it traditionally would have had On no wind there okay come on let's make Something happen here at Sawgrass let's Get some birdie sauce opened up here on The back behind We've got this hole in a beautiful par Five coming up we need to capitalize and Then a drivable Par Four actually next Three holes swinging quite a bit off the Right yeah I like where you're looking As far as that Line's concerned but I Mean I'm kind of giving you hard objects To be looking at here that's almost Where exactly where I've got the line Yeah and you're like it's uphill the First three feet downhill for the next Three feet and then flat okay come on Let's get it to the hole Stay up Sit Oh I got it to the hole at least It's the first part I have done today Right a bit pasty on that first pull Yeah good save thank you great Just get the speed of these greens and a Few of these birdie putts to drop that Was a nice

Kind of uh confidence booster for the Start of the back nine okay par five Eleventh hole absolute stunner did am I Right in saying these I thought it was Used to be a big bunker down the Left-hand side there is it's still there It's still there it's just heading over This hill we're trying to land in line With the two V of the v-tree if not just Slightly right of that okay okay come on With where that wins at Rick I don't Believe that bunker comes into play Today okay so wins off the left yes sir You see it oh yeah Yummy I totally lost it man right center nice Yeah thank you so much the wind Definitely started dragging it out it's Apex all right I don't know if I can get there that's a Long way away Yeah we got Pretty far the rangefinder is not Picking it up I want to say we're Probably at around like that 265 275 Mark okay well There's no point in going for it because This whole is fascinating right in front Of us here probably about 150 yards from Here maybe 160 170 is water that kind of Castrates all the way around the back in Front of the green and wraps around the Back of the green anything right or Short is dead

I'm gonna have to just lay up down the Left-hand sidear yeah I would suggest Getting up that left-hand side from here Just with where that flag location is it Allows you to get more aggressive with The wedge coming back into it how far do You think I need to hit I mean we're Looking at 162 to the top edge of the Second bunker here probably just like That I mean I like you hitting your five Iron that 90 Club gets us down there and It's just a sheer distance that covers That if we keep it in line okay okay If look at that tree that has the mulch Up on the hill in the background yeah Fall in line just a little left of that If we can okay Wind starting to pick up which is going To make things interesting as we Approached about nine here Certainly again With 17 potentially on the mind already As we start this back nine so I'm going To try and drill five iron And just get it drawn into the left side Foreign A bit too much Fairway that we're in We're good beautiful it's not in the Fireworks yeah good shot thank you we'll Take that all day cannot go right on This hole I mean just look it's just I'm sure we'll have a phenomenal count On the on this video this place is just Phenomenal this hole is phenomenal

Yeah great angle here Rick yeah this is Really nice not too many tighter Approach areas you'll find in the State Of Florida for sure we don't we don't Say that We got 75 I like 75 yeah it's a good Club for you It's the number we're trying to beat and It's the number I'm going to try and hit And again we're looking a little after This flag Rick that if it gets up in the Air the window will drag it a little bit A little bit pulled I'm looking like a backstop spin perfect For distance Oh I've pulled that so bad but really Good for distance yeah pitching's been Okay today Strike's been there distance control Hasn't obviously always been perfect and That time Direction wasn't but at least Strikes getting closer which around here Is a real positive If it was bad around here we might have Been finished in the the video very Early today Okay for birdie we're due for one down The hill so space shouldn't be a massive Issue Get there Are you idiot oh my goodness Rick we're two tall guys man okay we Gotta stop coming up short here you Don't have problem is Nick they look too

Fast uh yeah I mean they look like glass Just just no we teed off at one they had Time to grow today so let's just think We had the later tea time today they're Going to be a little slower for us all Right Cannot believe that was in the throat if You match the pace though Take a five on there to be fair but ah Right Somewhat drivable Par Four next am I Right should be uh Sarah from where uh We're gonna be playing the Saturday Sunday tea box from where the players Play on their Saturday and Sunday Which puts us at about that like 290 to The middle of the green okay Um so I definitely think we're gonna Have a go with the wind off our right I Think the old man can still get there oh I think so okay 12th hole here at Sawgrass this is The tea that the pros play off on the Saturday and Sunday hence why there's Actually net here but we can see it off Right at the front of this tee uh it's 288 yards to the flag Water down the left if you miss left Bunker Shore and Nick the caddy was Saying even if you land it on the green And left of the pin there's still a Chance of it going in the water so You've got to hit like a shot that Starts right stage right and gets a good

Couple of Lucky bounces down there Cut a bit cut a bit cut a bit I'll go in the hawk go in the hole go in Stop stop oh lovely stop we're good is That all right great shot Rick Got an eagle putt my friend We've got an eagle put my friend that's What we like to hear Oh yeah good rip smoked especially you Get handed a putter for your second shot On a par four That was good I like that one so pin High I tell you what though you're right any Further left and that's wet I say Tournament conditions if they were out Here today We might be chipping in for our three From down there you know however it's Not the case not the case at all this is For an eagle Come on this will be big up the hill Right to left just get a nice put on It Come on Rick Not sure I'm sorry everyone like I'm really sorry I'm sorry everyone However We have opened up the scoring baby it's A nice birthday yeah great birdie man oh Stings a little bit at least give it a Chance eh yeah I agree give it a chance And I didn't give it a chance Oh you idiot anyway

It was important that the drive got to The hole no you know put it set us up Right there all right oh that's gonna That's gonna hurt for a long time 13th hole par three beautiful hole 135 But back into wins probably playing Close to one 150 yards and hit nine iron I think I need to fly sit down or just Hit it normal I mean if we can try and keep it under It a little bit I think it will pay off In the end okay A little fly cutting Through that yeah Stay there I was the right Club there's a little Turn on it we're putting Wow This is a hell of a put there's no Prizes for leaving this one short So I'm as far left on the screen as I Can possibly get I'm back up the hill And literally the pennies right on top Of that crest Bit of a naughty pin this isn't it Nick Yeah it's called a sucker pen for sure If you're not on the right side it's It's a it's definitely a tough green to Be putting on from down there I don't Think you play too much break in this Okay all about speed but do you like Favoring left of the hole I think so Okay I'm I like that that's why I was asking Like favorite I mean I'm talking like

Two cups man nothing crazy I need to use Some speed to get it through a lot of This okay well I've seen that my speed Control has been so good today you got This though I think we'll have no issues Easiest part we've had today though Um okay Proper Pace yeah this is a straight putt Wasn't it it kind of fell left did it Fall a little left a little bit Yeah up The hill Yeah Yeah yeah That's a you make a three from down There we'll take that okay 14th hole Powerful beautiful Hole uh good tea shop Needed this whole actually has the Longest continuous bunker on any regular PJ Tour event in the world fight how far Do you say it wasn't it around 320 yards Wow right let's hope we don't go in it Good drive needed Ah it's leak right a little leaky we'll Have a ball from there though don't hit The path Oh that's right yeah we're okay that was A big empty left shot Oh that's a daunting t-shirt Nick was Saying this hole is one of the only Holes that Tiger Woods has never birded In tournament play I was hoping I could try and beat him on That but after that t-shirt I'm not sure If we will right so we found it here on

The right hand side on this Bank balls Below my feet we have got a gap there's A single palm tree in our way here If it hits that I've been very very very frustrated but I'm gonna probably need to draw it a Little bit anyway 195 yards five iron pins at the front I think my gameplay would be trying to Land it short and kind of run it up a Little bit Straight down there that has hit the Tree there That tree that I didn't even think about The tree that I wasn't even one second Contemplating hitting or even getting Close to I hit it straight into that Tree this one here this tree here Get the saw out India It's almost like I was so bothered about The other tree I didn't even think about This one I thought they just hit it over It oh silly silly silly shot anyway Let's see if we recover I'm gonna play An a-time and keep it lower than lower We've got two trees I've got to keep it Under It's gotta run hard Go ball it's not going to get there It's not going to get there Oh it's the right idea but I just caught It terribly okay Huh not a single good shot on this hole

Yet Let's see if I can pitch this one in for A four front of the green It's gonna have to be short right at the Flags it's all going to come to the left Oh go ahead I almost called it A great shot Oh oh goodness That was brutal Oh Come on From here I mean getting closer it's It's a foot or so away but for my angle I absolutely thought I'd got it I've pitched it in nicely it took the Break nicely Oh well I suppose there's some Well there's a lot of a lot of positive To take from that because I've played That hole absolutely horrendously thanks Nick And fingers crossed the worst I can walk off with Is a five ah puts me back to level power Bat nine six over total I think recessing the goal obviously Break 75 is going to be ambitious but Still listen there's still chances But certainly with four holes left to Play A new goal is to make sure this Scorecard starts with the number seven

15th hole Par Four Wonder very much gets Overlooked in tournament play here for The players because obviously the next Three are your creme de la cram 16 17 18 Coming up with 15 to cracking holds Powerful don't make right requires a Lovely little fade off the tee to try And finish yourself in a spot on The Fairway bunker all the way hugging down The right Um and kind of again this kind of Funneled Tee shot and I feel like this kind of Sounds quite deep here but I almost feel Like the water mirrors the trees and Almost makes it even look even more Intimidating clever designed by Pete die Right driving needed wins helping us on This tee Kind of fatted it but I think it's all Right a little dropkick will be a center Cut there though Run boss Yeah all right hey we'll take it that Was Definitely a little Dropkick Murphy on That that was the best best worst T-shirt I've ever hit I hit the ground Six inches behind the ball there but I've managed to get I've managed to find The Fairway okay so found the Fairway After that like so slightly Roper T-shirt this is honestly it is such a Great holder here at 15.

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Um you can just see the green there now For memory I remember this green being Kind of quite a complicated undulating Green yes sir the whole whole left half In the front there is a false front it Looks like it's very inviting to hit Into it'll actually pull you off the Green behind my green is another little Collection area and then that left Side's a big Plateau so it's Technically a multi-tier green but it Just doesn't have the crazy levels of a Multi-tier green but we need birdie here So we got six three to the flag stick One six three to flagstick and I feel Like we're straight downwind here Rick So you think it's a solid nine I do I'm kind of giving you green light to Try and keep this in line with that Thing okay do my best Travel and be brilliant go Oh Well Austin bearing didn't expect it me Too I did not expect that I didn't Expect to bounce that big I don't I must Have slightly caught it heavy it didn't Feel it It sounded a little just a little heavy Yeah just a little bit like it just Wasn't that flush I hear the ball Speed Come off the club head you know ah well I've got away with it I've got Potter on It at least just I thought I just thought it well

I suppose I didn't if it got lucky I hit A down slope and almost very nearly got On the green that would have been the Best bounce I've ever seen on this hole If I'm completely honest that's what I Feel so far Nick a bit terrible chunky Tea shop that went down the middle that Was obviously a little bit chunky and Finished short got lucky I mean if this Has not got three written on it I don't Know what has I I like it I think I can do anything and This will go in the hole it's been the Most optimistic hole of the day for sure Okay come on Nick Looks like it wants to sweep right to Left for the first half it gets pretty Straight up there it looks like too I Think I've got a good line on this you Know you got this feel this one out all On your own solo the bird they're here On 15. Stretchful Get in That was embarrassingly bad oh my Goodness Wow Right Anyway hey as long as we're laughing at It yeah oh my God and if I didn't laugh I'd cry at that one oh my goodness that Was awful right come on Shields do not Mess up here roll this one in Never a doubt

Never a doubt hey what what's a golf Ball without a little drama you know What I'm saying Nick I didn't hit a single good golf shot on That hole even that thought was ropey And that's a four right Okay here we go the final three holes 16th the par five sweeps round the Corner of these trees and as you sweep Around the corner You see obviously the 16th green but Also you start to see the first glimpse Of the famous 17th green the island par Three green so even from this point I Mean it's kind of there I think without The grandsons you can probably normally See Kenny Nick from here yeah you might Be able to see the top of the flag stick Might give you a hint at where the flag Is that day if you don't see it it's Probably going to be front if you do see It probably that Sunday location so That's there on the back of my mind I want to like I said I want to finish Now in the 70s so Powering in from here would be key I'd like to make another birdie this is Probably going to be my best opportunity Because we've got 60 in the power five Obviously 17 to par three 18th back Towards the clubhouse is the path for The Hogs the side of the lake Right is it what's the line here Nick We're looking right at that tree that is

Right in between the two holes we've Just been talking about there right at That oak tree okay Shields this is it Time to put on your big boy pants and Play three really really good holes of Golf let's do it this one's into wind Yes sir next he'll be downwind Absolutely perfect Let's go Good ball that was nice okay good tee Shot hit And then just come have a look at this This is this is not even close to being The the rest of the job done because This is the shot into this green now Lucky for me the pins at the front today How far are we saying Nick two two five Oh that's actual it's right in my Wheelhouse Now normally with no wind that'd be kind Of a three maybe a two iron maybe three Iron I think into wind it might be a three Wood If we can get it up in the air I think It's every bit of a three wood can just Let that 20 get taken off of it even if It lands past it a little bit we're okay Yeah I've got to go for it yeah Oh That golf falls in the bottom of the Lake That ball is in the bottom of the lake In Thomas

Oh man Oh man I struck it well I just it just Went the wrong way Oh we got some distance on that though We're like just short of the rough up Here Oh hey I need a five from you that was Fun all right that was good though Drop three hit four one pot five Oh let's go let's go I would not hit That so far left Okay fourth shot up and down for par Wind Now we're putting Probably pin high but just a little bit Right just kind of didn't want to curl In there as much It was a good strike though First glance Of the seven seats Come on come have a look look at this I Mean what a hole Quite easily The most famous Par 3 in the entire World Tournaments have been won lost Hole in ones are plenty Balls in the water possible well Definitely even more and just look at it It looks so simple if that was all grass That's one of the simplest par threes on The PGA tour but as soon as you put the Wet stuff all the way around it it's a Different animal

The wind as well wow that's the one Thing I've noticed here today it's Definitely a windy venue You hear players talking about how the Wind swirls in this little corner and You can really sense that okay come on See if we can salvage a power we got This up the hill pretty straight put a Good roll on it Mediocre at best ah just not give Anything a chance Okay silly six there that's put me to Seven over I really really really want To shoot in the 70s that means I have to Be level path for the last two holes Shouldn't be that hard should it So here we go The 17th here at TPC Sawgrass palms are Sweaty Heartbeat has increased All right just does it's here it's just A cat outfit anyone that says it doesn't A lion they really are 120 yards to the Flag Yeah Nick yes sir 115 covers the aqua Lacks Stick this close We've not had a hole in one on the Channel yet What a time to possibly make one Hit that bank Spin Come on Safely aboard

Maybe a yard left and the hill increases A little bit right there oh there's a Great swing though right more than a Million miles what I was trying to do That that's all right a little Adrenaline kicking in right there it's On dry land honestly it sounds about Like like It just does it to you It's Madness I must feel more nervous Now after I've hit it oh safely aboard Wow I'll tell you what it's a nicer walk When the ball is on the green it is it Certainly is It's uh It's a special place A really clever design believe Pete what Dye's wife came up with the idea didn't You yes sir it's actually this green is A shape of a heart and anywhere you go That's a Pete Dye golf course and you See a heart shape Alice dye his wife had A very big influence on that hole if There's any heart-shaped design Like here heart shape green Kohler's property has heart-shaped Bunkers as Target lives really and she Helped design those holes yeah it was Very cool And that's the ball Up on the top a little bit long Hard to go cue with that PIN position For sure I must admit it'd be a very Different experience if all these

Grandstands were full of cheering Shouting Potentially lubricated fans sacred land Great ball there Rick I think it pitched Something in here load into right up top See it oh yeah oh yeah pitch quite High Actually pitched here It does feel firmer and I kind of get The sensation it might be faster it Could be a little quicker I mean we are Coming down the hill as well should just Kind of fall back towards me the Majority of the way are really swinging This way yeah I mean that first little Bit you might it might kind of pull us That way but everything tends to fall Off this hill and back to the front left Of my green okay come on Shields There's ever a Time To hold the pot it's here and it's now Rick I almost see this pretty straight It almost like kind of works itself out It will pull us a little left at first But as it gets down the hill it just Creeps back to the right hand side right At the whole side that you've not Steered me wrong once today I haven't Been off too much too far if I have so Let's try a good roll on it all right Straight down the hill For two here on the 17th Come on Hit the flag This is a little lighter on the pace

Oh I'm lucky Just a little lighter oh I went for it I absolutely went for it Oh it's definitely a little bit speedier Of the screen Man yeah I kind of picked up a little Pace halfway through didn't it come on I Don't I couldn't I wouldn't have been Able to live myself if I left it short No so right what I don't want to do is Three foot We're firm inside that pitch mark That's Just short of the hole in the right okay It's gonna fall off that side yeah I Mean you got to be inside of it I don't Want you starting it on it we're just Starting it on like the inside of it Okay nice confident roll back up the Hill here Rick Yeah a little drama little drama I never Wanted a port to hold so much in my Entire life because I you guys watching Would have never let me down if I'd have Hit the Greener three-footed oh my Goodness that was big right fantastic As much as it was an idea I'm gonna Frame this golf ball it feels like a Holding one awesome duck stick right one More to go yes sir pardon the last gets Me comfortably in the 70s wow So when we uh when the camera guys came Out earlier to do a little bit of the Flyovers check out who we saw here on The 18th

Yeah that big boy it looks like now he's Gone to bed thankfully because if this Tee shot wasn't daunting enough I don't Fancy a gator in my way come and look at This 18th hole I mean What a hole Huge Lake here on the left hand side you Can see the pin fluttering away in front Of the clubhouse Obviously right is your intended target Too far right you're in the pine you've Got to hit just an unbelievable tee shot Yeah yes sir 438 yards uh total on the Whole Um Rick if we got to stay away from the White tents if you're in line with those White tents the ball will go through the Fairway if you see that tree with all The naughty Moss hanging off of it it's Like a bunch of knots in hair we want to Land in line with that if not left of That with where this wind is okay catch Us in position a right Last Hope for the last tee shot of the Day I'm currently Seven over par So a power on here gets me in under 80. Fall down on the tee shot Come on Shields hit a good run Boom yep that's the Rory line right There Bigly Big leagues right there that was huge

Dude that was had to have been 320 I'm Guessing Big leagues right there Marine positions But sometimes you gotta step up and if It doesn't work out it doesn't work out But when it does It got a bit of swagging makes it that Much sweeter doesn't it thanks pal guys Don't forget again if you've enjoyed This video be sure to like subscribe Leave a comment down below to have a Chance to win that fantastic swag bag This has been amazing incredible Hopefully we can finish with Just a nice little power or a birdie Okay so wandering down the 18th here As you can see I mean it's just epic Fairway isn't the widest in golf and Somehow Little old me has managed to smash one Down here and it must have got a good Kick down here Nick yeah I mean we had To have landed somewhere like just in This area and it gave it a nice little Down slope kick but I mean you hit that Every bit of 315 320. nice All right let's make it count Let's finish with one more Lovely iron shot Yeah so it's 4 30 to the middle of the Green you have 115 to the middle of the Green now so 350. smash that yeah

120 to the flag stick the same yacht is Just the last level yes sir So just not not daunting Not as daunting but Still a very important shot we got to Try and come down right of that flag Stick there's not a ton of room over There but that's our birdie putt is on The right side okay okay do you think at The flag and just let it peel with the Wind if if the wind wants to drag it There if that's great if it stays in Line with the flag I'm okay with that as Well okay come on Rick That'll be fantastic as good as you look Be fantastic Oh baby We like to call that one the Men's Warehouse shot here in the states you're Gonna like the way you look I guarantee It great swing man let's make this Birdie let's make let's make this birdie Wow what a day I mean absolutely Epic I know it's not the best golf in the World you know if I make power here I Shoot 79 which you know Could have could have Shoulda Woulda Bought some good golf thrown in there And on the golf course like sometimes It's not about the score right it's About having fun And I will be very very happy boy if I'm Not this bad boy I'm for birthday

Come on Rick you can do this This is the moment Oh wow this is what the pot I wanted on 18. you know I think a three on this Hole is better than a two on that lasso I agree come on so finish the video guys If you enjoyed it again be sure to like It and let's see if we can finish with a Birdie here at TPC Sawgrass Thank you I appreciate you guys Guys that was it 78 6 over I don't think that's too bad guys thanks For watching stay tuned lots more to Come and that was breaking 75 here at TPC Sawgrass peace