Play Better Golf by Tightening Your Swing

Do you want to play better golf? Then you must become more efficient by tightening your golf swing.

If you can’t hit each club consistently on the range while you practice, how can you expect hit shots in the direction of your target and the correct distance on the golf course? The many amateur golfers I play with don’t have a distance problem. They have a consistency and efficiency problem. As a matter of fact, most people are way too concerned about distance.

In this video I discuss the importance of consistency and how to spend certain practice sessions on developing your swing to become more efficient.

About the Single Plane Golf Swing

Starting at address on two planes where the arms hang straight down at address, the Conventional golf swing is complicated. Because the arms are hanging straight down, a conventional golfer must lift the body into impact creating stress on the back.

This upward movement to accommodate the two planes is unnecessary.

The Single Plane Golf swing simplifies the golf swing by eliminating the need for the upward movement by starting and impacting on the same plane. To find out more about the Single Plane Golf Swing, you can purchase my best-selling book “The Single Plane Golf Swing, Play Better Golf the Moe Norman Way” on here:


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