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This video “Personal effectiveness tools get things done” series will show you how to get things done effectively faster but it going to take complete discipline on your part to achieve this.

The tools matters so do sticking to the system – Discipline.
Discipline is taking personal responsibility for our actions or lack of actions in life.

This is not a video one watches without being focused or without writing materials.

Hope you enjoy this video series.

Video Time Stamp:

00:00 – Start
0:09.06 – Introduction
1:59.53 – 10 Mindsets To Crush Personal Effectiveness
10:14.53 – Life Rewards Action
13:49.40 – Decide To Be More Effective Now
22:06.23 – Rework & Reorder Your Current Plan
28:15.26 – Creating Personal Effectiveness Rituals
35:11.43 – Use Power Of Emotion To Get More Done
40:34.30 – Achieve More By Working More Purposefully
44:56.63 – Challenge Yourself Daily
49:22.16 – Document Your Journey For Maximum Control
51:57.13 – Best Practices For Getting Things Done
55:06.00 – Conclusion
55:10.56 – End


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