Open Club Face: How to Fix It and Hit Better Shots!

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Hey everybody thanks for tuning in I'm George Conley with scratch golf tips and Today we're going to be talking about Club face awareness more importantly for Those who struggle with an open Club Face what are some swing feels and Drills that you can do to reduce the Openness of that club face and have it Be more neutral at impact so just for Sake of demonstration if this is a Fairly neutral Club face at impact and Also at address this would be a slightly Open Club face you're exposing the heel Or you're exposing the bounce of the Club a little bit more and you you have More room on the grooves like this so When the club face is open at impact What's going to happen is the ball has a Little bit more room to roll to the side Because of the openness angle of the Club so if the ball hits here because The club is open it's going to roll a Little bit off to the side which will Create side spin on the ball leading for A right-handed golfer for the ball to Move in the air left to right so for Those who have a pretty dominant slice What usually happens is that club face Is very open and they swing across the Ball those two factors put a lot of Right or left to right spin on the ball For a left-hand golfer it would be right To left This would be a fairly neutral Club face

At impact and then this would be closed And a closed Club face and impact would Have the exact opposite effects where it Would hook for a right-handed golfer That would be right to left but we're Not talking about the closed code phase We were talking about the issue of the Open Club face now if you see this club Face right here and you look at the Bottom of your screen where my hands are If I want to make this open I'll do this If I want to close it I'll do this now It's not in my upper body it's not in Any any other part of the body other Than my front hand for a right-handed Golfer your right hand So you can see me doing this motion it's All in my wrist right here and it's all In the the fingers the front fingers That predominantly grip the club so it's Almost like I'm turning a doorknob so That's one swing feel that you can have Is if you want to adjust where that club Face is feel like you're turning a Doorknob and that's good to do at a Dress you'll actually see some Professional golfers over the ball doing Little shifts with their Club face first Off if we're looking to have a better Club face position at impact we need to Have a neutral Club position at a dress Now one thing that is important to note Here is so so many amateur golfers who Struggle with an open Club face think

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That they have a fairly neutral Club Face at a dress and this is often not True but if you've had this club face Standing slightly open for every single Golf shot you've hit for the past few Years you think that it's normal you Think that that's neutral at a dress When in reality It Isn't So what I would Encourage you to do is put put a put Your phone camera down maybe two feet uh From a caddy view meaning if I'm Swinging like this the camera right here Is a caddy view put it on the ground and Look at your Club face if if it's all You're gonna have it at this angle if You see this then that face is slightly Open if you see this it's closed you Should see you know right down the area Of the club but you shouldn't really be Able to see the grooves on the club so That's a fairly easy fix you're just Changing how your Club lies at a dress But there are plenty of golfers who Still will struggle with an open cut Phase because of how that club face Comes through the ball in transition so Let's talk about one awesome swing feel That you can do to fix that when you're Swinging the club and you have it at Neutral and you take it back and it Comes through open like this and then You come through the ball there's a Really great swing feel that you can Utilize and that is the shaking of the

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Hand you may have heard this you may Have not I feel some people are very Familiar with it and others are not but You want to shake hands with your target Through impact now when when I have an Open Club face here this is how my hand Is you don't really reach out to shake People's hand like that ideally you want To have it nice and straight so when You're coming through impact and there's A position through impact called release And when I say release I'm referring to The release of your wrist angle so right Here in your golf swing which is Presumably right when you hit the ball That's called the release so when I say Release that's what I'm referring to When you release the club you want that Hand to come over And you want it you want to be able to Shake hands with your target so that When you come through the ball Your hands like this it's not like this You don't have it too close you want it To be neutral another great benefit of Shaking hands with the golf ball is this Will help you actually rotate your upper Body a little bit more to the Target Because not only do you want that hand To be fairly straight you don't want it To be here you want it to be all the way Out here so if you have a straight hand And it's facing parallel to your target Line then you've done a lot of

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Improvement on your golf swing I will Say that of all the swing changes in my Personal experience when I've played Around with my release and my wrist Angles throughout the golf swing it's Difficult it takes a lot of practice you Hit a lot of very bad golf shots but Changing my wrist angle helped me so Much especially with my iron play I can Now hit a very nice controllable draw With my irons when I was actually Hitting fairly large Fades a few years Back so it's difficult it will take Practice but it will really really help Your ball striking and I think you're Going to gain a lot of confidence so let Me know if you try this out if you have Any comments on anything I've said any Questions leave them in the comment Section down below we do read and Respond to all comments if you found This video helpful please leave a like Rating down below that helps me know That you like it and it helps YouTube Show it to more people who will also Benefit from it you're going to see more Content feel free to subscribe and Scroll through our page you have a ton Of other content on this page thank you Very much for watching play well and Take care [Music] Thank you Foreign