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The Chip Putt Method – Get Up and Down From Around The Green With More Success

Most golfers make chipping around the green more difficult than it has to be attempting a flop shot, one of the hardest shots in golf, or hitting the ball too high and trying to make it stop around the hole without a lot of success. A quick and simple way to get up and down around the green is to use the putt chip method. This is a combination of a chip shot and the putting stroke.

Selecting The Best Golf Range Finder

Whether the golfer is looking at the GX-4 Rangefinder or the Pro 1600, golf range finders can be difficult to buy. It is such an important item to purchase – and an excellent innovation in the sport today. It helps golfers lower their score. It can help people improve their game by teaching them which clubs can work best in different scenarios. It can also help golfers improve their confidence, as it can improve their mental acuity. Properly used, a good rangefinder can help golfers figure out how much distance they can squeeze out of each club.

How To Golf Begins With Your Set-Up

The very first and basic fundamentals of golf are to be on the balls of your feet with your knees flexed and your feet about shoulder-width apart. These three fundamentals are crucial to the golf game. If your feet are too far apart, you can’t shift your weight properly and if they are too close, you will lose your balance.

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How to Swing Your Hips Properly When Hitting the Golf Ball

So, how big of a deal do your hips and the rotation of your hips play in how you hit the ball? Surprisingly they play a major factor and one that a lot of players don’t consider when looking at how to fix their golf swing. Many players look at their grip, their alignment and all other aspects of their game as they try and figure out why they aren’t hitting the ball to where they are aiming.

How to Swing Effectively In Golf

So, you want to learn how to swing a golf club. While knowing how to swing a club correctly is obviously important, it’s just as important to have the right grip, the correct stance and the proper setup before even considering your swing. First things first. Focus on the fundamentals of the grip, stance and setup. Then and only then, when you have these things down pat, move on to looking at how you are swinging the club.

Golf Swing Basics – Part One

For the longest time everyone in golf has been taught in one form or another that the club head will travel in a circle around the body. So the question is, why is it so difficult for the average golfer to produce the movements necessary to allow the club head to travel in this mystical illusive shot making pattern?

Proper Driver Set Up Is the Key To A Good Start

Do you struggle with hitting your driver consistently? You’re not alone. Most golfers, even some of the best professionals in the world struggle with being able to consistently hit their driver as they would like to. Because of this, you will see a lot of people avoid pulling the driver from their bag if at all possible.

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Hitting Your Irons From the Tee-Box

A lot of us have issues with our confidence when it comes to hitting our driver off the tee box. Whether we’ve struggled with keeping the ball in the fairway or never really knowing for sure where your drive will end up, a common fix for many golfers is to hit their irons off the tee instead of their driver. While hitting your irons off the tee is completely acceptable and in some cases, necessary, it’s not recommended to see this as a fix for your driver issues. You still need to address the problems you are having with your driver as your driver, when hit correctly, will provide you with the most length and distance toward the green.

How to Improve a Golf Swing

To learn how to improve a golf swing is the Holy Grail of golf. The swing is a complicated process and unlocking the secrets to eliminating bad habits or building better ones is a matter of identifying problem areas and teaching your muscles to perform different tasks.

Alter the Success You Have In Golfing Through High-Quality Golf Balls

Individuals often spend a significant amount of time, when it comes to identifying the best golf equipment to support their athletic opportunities. Individuals take advantage of professional advice, consumer reviews, and trials in order to identify the best clubs to expand their game. They make an investment into the highest quality shoes, so that they will be able to access the advantages of improved power and control.

Accelerate Your Golf Game Through Men and Ladies Golf Shoes Opportunities

In the athletic environment, shoes can play a very important role, as you take advantage of these customised resources which will help to extend athletic performance. Shoes designed for basketball, will help to improve traction as well as properly protect the feet, cleats for baseball are designed to help manage the altering terrains of grass and dirt, and the opportunities of men and ladies golf shoes will help to increase performance in the game of golf.

Five Possible Ways to Extend the Life of Your Golf Equipment

When you are considering making the investment associated with high quality golf equipment, it is important that you identify the best ways you can protect this investment, while your clubs are being used or being stored. For a small financial investment, you can often identify a wide variety of different opportunities that will help you in accomplishing this goal and protect your sport related expense. The following points out five possibilities any person can utilise, when seeking to extend the life of their golf club investment.

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