Mortal Shell – 7 Tips You NEED To Know

Here’s a quick breakdown of seven essential tips you have to know as you take your first steps into Mortal Shell’s Souls-like world.

00:00 – Intro
00:14 – 1. Get To Know Fallgrim
1:01 – 2. Meet The NPCs
1:42 – 3. Know Your Shell
2:57 – 4. Watch Your Resolve
3:42 – 5. Go Hard
4:22 – 6. Learn To Love The Parry
5:13 – 7. Familiarize Yourself With The Items

Mortal Shell can be a tough game. Enemies are punishingly powerful, and the world of Fallgrim and the temples it hides is full of mysteries and dangers. When you first enter the game’s world, you won’t know much about what’s going on, and staying alive will be a matter of trial and, mostly, error. Expect to die a bit.
There are plenty of lessons that can help you excel in Mortal Shell and beyond, though. Understanding the game’s signature mechanics and how its inventory system work provide a good start, and knowing what you can expect will take you pretty far as well. We’ve been all through Mortal Shell and have keyed in on several useful tips that can help you learn the ropes of developer Cold Symmetry’s strange world–check them out in the video above.
From figuring out which shell is right for you, to getting the hang of the “harden” ability to excel in combat, there’s a lot about Mortal Shell you’ll want to know. Our seven tips for digging into the world should hopefully save you time and deaths as you explore, allowing you to focus on mastering Mortal Shell’s weapons and characters, learning your way through its confusing forests and swamps, and defeating its toughest challenges.

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