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Learn From Keith Mitchell's Golf Swing: Keith Mitchell Swing Analysis - Golf Tips & Videos

Learn From Keith Mitchell’s Golf Swing: Keith Mitchell Swing Analysis

Welcome to our blog post where we delve into the fascinating world of golf swings, specifically focusing on the exceptional technique of Keith Mitchell. In this analysis, we aim to uncover the secrets behind Mitchell’s incredible golf swing and share valuable lessons that can enhance our own golfing prowess. Join us as we dive deep into the details, dissecting each aspect of Mitchell’s swing to gain a comprehensive understanding of how it contributes to his success. Let’s embark on this gust of knowledge together and learn from the master himself – Keith Mitchell!

Learn From Keith Mitchell’s Golf Swing: Keith Mitchell Swing Analysis


In this article, we will be examining the impressive golf swing of Keith Mitchell, a top 50 golfer in the world. Mitchell’s swing has caught the attention of many golf enthusiasts due to its unique characteristics and resemblance to older golfers like Arnold Palmer and Brooks Kea. By studying Mitchell’s swing, we can uncover valuable insights that can potentially improve our own game. Let’s delve into the key elements of Keith Mitchell’s golf swing.

Keith Mitchell’s Swing Characteristics

Wide Takeaway for Preventing Slicing

One notable feature of Keith Mitchell’s swing is his wide takeaway. This initial movement helps him prevent coming across the ball and slicing. By starting with a wide arc, Mitchell sets himself up for a more consistent and accurate swing.

Straight Trail Arm for Power and Distance

Another aspect that stands out in Mitchell’s swing is the straight trail arm at the top of his backswing. This position allows him to generate power and distance, as a straight trail arm promotes optimal leverage and clubhead speed. It is a key factor in Mitchell’s ability to hit long drives.


Focus on Rotation for Consistent Contact

Keith Mitchell’s swing places a heavy emphasis on rotation rather than swaying. This rotational motion ensures that he maintains consistent contact with the ball, enabling him to hit shots with better accuracy and control. By observing Mitchell’s swing, we can learn the importance of a rotational movement and incorporate it into our own technique.

Drill for Preventing Horizontal Sway

To eliminate any horizontal sway in the swing, Mitchell employs a useful drill. He places an alignment rod in front of his trail hip, acting as a visual cue to prevent any unnecessary lateral movement during the swing. This drill can be incorporated into our practice routine to enhance stability and improve swing mechanics.

Seamless Transition and Neutral Club Face

Keith Mitchell’s transition through the swing is remarkably smooth. This fluid movement ensures that the club face remains neutral throughout, allowing for consistent ball striking. By paying attention to the transition in Mitchell’s swing, we can learn to maintain control and precision in our own swings.

How Keith Mitchell’s Swing Can Improve Your Game

Studying Keith Mitchell’s swing can offer valuable lessons for golfers of all levels. By implementing the following aspects of his swing into our own game, we can potentially see improvements in our performance:

  1. Wide Takeaway: Starting with a wide arc helps eliminate slicing and promotes more accurate shots.

  2. Focus on Rotation: Emphasizing rotational movement over swaying leads to consistent contact and improved accuracy.

  3. Straight Trail Arm: Maintaining a straight trail arm at the top of the backswing generates power and distance.

  4. Seamless Transition: A smooth transition through the swing ensures a neutral club face position, resulting in consistent ball striking.

  5. Preventing Horizontal Sway: Including drills, such as the alignment rod drill, can aid in eliminating unwanted lateral movement and improving stability.

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By incorporating these elements into our golf swing, we can potentially enhance our performance on the course and make strides towards becoming a better golfer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: How can studying Keith Mitchell’s swing benefit my golf game?

    • A: Studying Mitchell’s swing can offer insights into techniques that promote accuracy, power, and consistency.
  2. Q: What makes Keith Mitchell’s swing unique?

    • A: Mitchell’s swing resembles the swings of older golfers like Arnold Palmer and Brooks Kea, adding a classic touch to his game.
  3. Q: How can a wide takeaway prevent slicing?

    • A: A wide takeaway encourages an inside-to-out path, reducing the chances of coming across the ball and producing a slice.
  4. Q: What is the significance of the straight trail arm in Mitchell’s swing?

    • A: A straight trail arm at the top of the backswing generates leverage and clubhead speed, resulting in more power and distance.
  5. Q: How can I prevent horizontal sway in my golf swing?

    • A: Implementing drills, such as placing an alignment rod in front of the trail hip, can aid in eliminating horizontal sway and improving stability.


Keith Mitchell’s golf swing offers a wealth of knowledge for golfers seeking to improve their game. By studying his wide takeaway, rotational movement, straight trail arm, seamless transition, and drill for preventing horizontal sway, we can make positive changes to our swing mechanics. Remember to practice these techniques consistently and stay dedicated to refining your game. With time and effort, you can experience improvements in your golf performance.