IPS-Nathan Lectures by Mr Ravi Menon — Lecture III: “An Inclusive Society”

The Singapore Synthesis by Mr Ravi Menon
The Singapore Synthesis of markets and government; meritocracy and equality; and international orientation and national identity has underpinned the country’s remarkable journey from third world to first. In this four-part lecture series, 9th S R Nathan Fellow Mr Ravi Menon will examine how Singapore’s approach will come under pressure from four tectonic shifts altering the global landscape. Although relevant, Singapore’s guiding ethos of adaptation, meritocracy, and pragmatism may no longer be sufficient. To secure our future, we will need more innovation, inclusion, inspiration. What does an innovative economy look like? What does it take to create a more inclusive society? What does it mean to be an inspiring nation? How does it all hold together in a refreshed Singapore Synthesis?

An Inclusive Society
Is meritocracy, which has expanded opportunities for Singaporeans and helped to provide equity with growth for generations, at risk of creating new stratifications? Is there scope for a more enlightened meritocracy that is consistent with a more inclusive society? What changes might be necessary in the labour market and the tax system? What is workable and will not create unintended consequences? What about looking out for the least among us?

1:17 min
Lecture by
Mr Ravi Menon
9th SR Nathan Fellow

1:06:20 min
Question-and-Answer Session moderated by
Ms Chua Mui Hoong
Associate Editor
The Straits Times
Singapore Press Holdings Ltd

Date: 14 July 2021
Time: 04.00 pm – 05.30 pm

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