Indoor Putting Fundamentals and Golf Tips For Beginners

Indoor Putting Fundamentals and Golf Tips For Beginners. We all should be at home and if you love golf then you should be doing putting drills at home. If you don’t know which putting drinks to do at home make sure to watch my video on best putting drills to do at home. In golf putting practice at home and knowing the putting fundamentals golf will drop your handicap. The putting stroke is very important and the fundamentals of putting a golf ball. Jack Nicklaus putting set up fundamentals, putting for beginners and putting set up is a lot of the things he talks in his book. He also mentions the golf set up, golf tips, putting tips, putting basics, putting grip and how to putt. We must all stay at home and if that is the case the we must also know the golf putting basics, practice golf putting and the basics of putting in golf. If you want golf lessons via zoom or a combination of golf lesson/ putting basics contact coach Shayain

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