I Rented A Golf Driving Range & Did THIS….

How to Become a Scratch Golfer

I think in an effort to get to that next level, players seek out ways of improvement that others went through in hopes that if they follow the same path, they will get there. Very logical, right? The strange thing is, I have yet to find a source where someone says what allowed them to move to the next level was doing the same thing as someone else.

The Fast Track to Fixing a Golf Slice Is a Fairy Tale

Fixing a golf slice can be one of the most daunting tasks in a player’s overall game. By sifting through the logical culprits, you will, in time, uncover the cause of the problem. Here is what most pros and coaches will tell you to do in order to slay the slice demon.

Winter Golf Tips For Your Home

Even though the weather is getting cold you don’t have to put your clubs away. Here are a few ways you can keep your golf game in shape through the winter months.

Hit Straighter Drives With Authority

The drive – namely, longer and straighter drives – is an essential skill to have in your bag, but, it is also one of the most problematic to master. Let’s look at various driving tips that can tremendously increase your distance and give you better control of the golf ball.

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