Why PGA TOUR Golfer’s Do THIS Before Their Swing

In this video, we break down a very common motion you may see PGA/LPGA golfers do before they begin their golf swing.

By learning more about the “Trigger” you’ll be able to confidently transition from the pre-shot routine, into your golf swing!

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Hey everybody thanks for tuning in I'm George Khan with scratch golf tip today We're going to be talking about a Particular thing that you may be seeing On your screens as you're watching PJ And lpj tour professionals play on the Television but you might not know Exactly what it is so we're going to go Over what exactly it is and how you can Implement it in your pre-shot routine And golf swing to help you shoot lower Scores and get more confidence on the Golf course before we dive in quick Reminder to like the video it helps YouTube show this content to more people Who will find it helpful and if you'd Like to see more of our content in the Future consider subscribing to the Scratch golf tips YouTube channel now What I'm referring to is the trigger in The golf swing I'm going to throw up a Video right now of Xander shawfly a top 10 player in the world utilizing uh his Hand re-gripping on the club as a Trigger now a lot of people may see Someone like Xander Shockley fiddling Around with their hands doing a lot of Regrips he's not working on his grip He's not consciously thinking oh I'm a Little bit strong here maybe a little Bit weak here that's not what he's doing All this is doing is acting as a trigger In his pre-shot routine to take him from The pre-shot routine into the actual

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Golf swing so moves like this are not Exclusive to just trying to re-grip the Club sometimes people take a half take Away and get back to the ball Justin Thomas uses that as his trigger some People will lift their left heel or do Something in their footwork to create That trigger but all this is doing is Taking you and seamlessly taking you From your pre-shot routine to the golf Swing because there are two important Things but they are very separate Entities now I've spoken about the Pre-shot routine before and how Important it is I'll link the video up In the card up top it's for you to see What the pre-shot routine is and how to Formulate your own this is not what that Video is on but essentially what the Pre-shot routine does is have you get in Sync with yourself do something Repeatable and it that allows for some Familiarity in your golf swing and what That familiarity is going to do is gain Confidence on the course if you're faced With a very difficult shot and it's Perhaps a situation that you're Uncomfortable with you can turn your Pre-shot routine and you're going to Find comfort in that you know what the Pre-shot routine is you do it every time Once you step in and you do that you're Just going through the motions you're Taking the emotion out of it but the

Tricky part is how to go from that into The actual mechanics of the golf swing Because sometimes people go to their Pre-shot routine if they finish and they Stand stagnant over the ball and then They freeze up a little bit they get a Little bit of tension in their hands a Little tension in the upper body and Then they falter through the golf swing Because there was no trigger there was Nothing to seamlessly take them into That golf swing now like I said earlier There's a bunch of different ways to Trigger your golf swing and there isn't A correct way like so many things in Golf uh personally I like to shuffle Around my feet and then as soon as I Finish that shuffling I know that I Always end the shuffle on my right foot And once that right foot plants I begin The golf swing that's what I like to to Do uh there's two reasons for this one It helps me get a feel of tempo and Rhythm almost because I'm swaying back And forth over my feet it may look a Little bit odd but it's worked for me so That's one thing it does and the other Thing it does is it keeps me in motion And the more you're in motion the more Fluid you are you know you're not tense Over the ball and this is especially Important in putting but also very Important within the full swing so play Around with it I'll list a few off like

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I said earlier we have the re-gripping Of the club something Xander Shockley Does I'll put in a video right now of Justin Thomas doing his pre-shot routine Into the trigger uh that trigger of the Kind of half take away the takeaway up To the hip the shuffling around Experiment and there could be something That you try that I haven't even listed Yet it's all about experimentation and Finding whatever gives you that seamless Transition but I thought I'd just make a Quick video on this because this is Something that you see and it might Confuse a lot of people and to the Novice Golf View where they might be Thinking why is Xander shaffley again a Top 10 player in the world why is he Playing with his grip right before the Swing does he is he really not confident In his grip no that's not the case he's Just acting as a trigger in order to Once he's done with that trigger he Knows both mentally and physically it's Go time I'd really like to know your Thoughts on this because this is Something that some people really really Like and they they heed the advice and They go ahead in and other people don't Like to do it at all and again I I think This is something that's great to try But again if you try it and you can't Find anything that works I'm not forcing You to do it I'm not saying this is

Something you have to do it's just a Great way to transition for most people So try it out let me know if you already Have a trigger in the golf swing I'd Really like you to leave in the comment Section below because like I said there Are so many different triggers out there That I'm very curious to hear what yours Are and that'll give people reading Through the comments of this video some More ideas that I may have not listed if You'd like to see more content we have So many videos in the past I think over 150 now which is pretty nice on all Different concepts within golf so feel Free to watch those and as always thank You very much for watching play well and Take care [Music]

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