Many PGA Professionals, such as guys like Rick Shiels, have said that playing a round of golf with only your irons can be a useful exercise to practice playing from positions you wouldn’t normally find yourself and to refine your iron play. I also was curious how a round with irons only would play out. In this video, I play nine holes with only my irons to see what the results would be. Make sure and stay tuned til the end to see what my closing thoughts were on this exercise. If you find this at all interesting, please smash that “THUMBS UP” button. Comment below if you have ever played a round with only your irons, and what your results were, or if you ever plan on playing a round of golf with your irons only. As always, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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Welcome to my YouTube Channel Golf Blog! My name is Matt Williams. I’m an amateur golfer that has only been playing golf consistently for a few years now. Last year I was about an 18 handicap. I was a 16 handicap to start 2020, and now am down to an 8.7. I started this golf channel for a variety of reasons. 1.) To show viewers what I am doing and working on as I continue my quest to hopefully become a scratch golfer one day. 2.) To review golf clubs/equipment to give people a club review from an amatuer mid-handicap perspective. 3.) To share my ever-growing passion for this beautiful game we call golf. 4.) To just have a ton of fun on the golf course! I sure hope you find all my content useful, helpful, but most of all….. entertaining!

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