I didn’t expect these to be my new golf clubs….

He didn’t expect these to be his new golf clubs. When he went shopping for them, he had a different brand and model in mind. But as fate would have it, he stumbled upon these, and after trying them out on the driving range, he was pleasantly surprised. They felt just right in his hands, and his swings were smoother and more accurate. He knew he had found the perfect set for him, even if it was unexpected. In this blog post, he’ll delve into his experience with these newfound clubs and explain why they exceeded his expectations.


Rick Shiels Golf is a well-known name in the golfing world. As a golf enthusiast and content creator, he delivers engaging and entertaining content to his followers. In his recent video, Rick reviews a set of Indie Wedges and shares his experience with them. The video showcases the wedges’ features, performance and whether they lived up to the hype or not. This article will provide a review of Rick Shiels’ video and his experience with Indie Wedges.

Features of Indie Wedges:

The Indie Wedges claim to have more spin and forgiveness than other wedges in the market. The set comes in a sleek guitar case with fur lining and contains four wedges. The wedges have a unique design with “Indie” written boldly on the back. The wedges’ shafts are on the heavier side to aid in creating more spin on the ball.

Review of Indie Wedges:

Rick Shiels tested the Indie Wedges for their performance, feel, and spin. He was impressed with the initial feel of the wedges and imparted excellent spin on the ball. Rick was using the wedges for the first time, but he was able to create more spin on the ball than expected. He also liked the way the wedges felt when hitting the ball.

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Rick mentioned in his video that the wedges are more forgiving and less likely to create big misses, which is ideal for high handicap players. He also mentioned that the wedges’ heavy headweight may not suit everyone’s swing, but it helps in creating more spin.


The Indie Wedges are a great set of clubs for golf enthusiasts who want more spin and forgiveness in their game. The unique design of the wedges in the guitar case is excellent for collectors and golfers who want to stand out on the course. Rick Shiels’ review of the wedges is informative and helpful for anyone curious about the Indie Wedges.


  1. Are Indie Wedges suitable for beginners?
    Yes, Indie Wedges are a good choice for beginners as they have more forgiveness and less likely to create big misses.

  2. How much do Indie Wedges cost?
    The price of Indie Wedges varies depending on the region and store. It is best to check with your local golf shop for prices.

  3. Can Indie Wedges create more spin than other wedges?
    Yes, Indie Wedges claim to have more spin than other wedges in the market due to their unique design.

  4. Do Indie Wedges come in different colors?
    No, Indie Wedges only come in the same design with “Indie” written on the back.

  5. Can Indie Wedges be used by professionals?
    Yes, Indie Wedges are suitable for professionals and beginner golfers alike. However, the heavy head weight may not suit every player’s swing style.