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What’s in Store for Golf Equipment Innovations in 2015?

By all indications it looks as though innovations in golf equipment for 2015 will look a lot like those of 2014, especially with golf drivers. Over the last year there have been at least 15 adjustable drivers that have been introduced, and that seems to be the theme as we move ahead. So let’s take a look at the world of adjustable drivers and what they can and can’t do for the normal amateur golfer.

Your Golf Swing Vs. Iron Byron, the Only Perfect Golf Swing on Earth

Iron Byron, a mechanical robot, has the only perfect golf swing on earth. This article reviews the robot’s swing and offers ideas to help golfers of any age and skill level to improve their swings and lower their scores.

How Beneficial Is a Golf Social Network?

The Internet of things is witnessing the rapid growth of many websites and apps that help people from all over the world to interact and with each other and discuss almost anything. Sports, of course, is one department, which has a variety of topics to offer for discussion. For instance, golf, the amazing game of the elites, now has exclusive platforms for the fanatics on the World Wide Web via which, they can talk about any aspect of the sport or take part in activities related to it.

Don’t Think About the Golf Shot, Feel It

One of the hardest things for athletes in any sport is to take what they are told about ways to accomplish something and transfer it to what we call “feel”. We are taught to do a series of actions to complete a golf swing, and then as we learn that swing we think our way through it. The game of golf might be tougher in this regard than, let’s say a shooter in basketball who is given no time to think.

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How to Add Rhythm to Your Putting Stroke

There is no doubt that PGA Tour Pros can putt better than most of us, but the fact remains that each and every one of them were not born with a pure putting stroke. Well, maybe Tiger was, but the rest of them? —forget-about-it.

Golf Is Not A Mental Game And It’s Not A Physical Game, It’s Holistic

The beliefs around the coaching industry that golf is partly mental and partly physical are deeply misleading and cause many golfers to think about and approach golf in the wrong way. I’ve got news for you, golf is not a mental game and it is not a physical game. It is a game participated in by holistic human beings. You are not your mind and you are not your body, you are one and when you begin to play golf from a holistic standpoint you will begin to play golf at a different level of skill and enjoyment.

Ways That Will Allow You to Hit a Golf Ball Farther

Let’s face it! There are not many golfers playing the game that don’t yearn for just a little extra distance on their shots. No matter how far we hit it, we want to hit it a little farther. Although I think that golf course management and a great short game are much more important than distance for the average golfer and distance is overrated, if I knew how to get an extra 20 yards on my drives I’d be all in.

How to Gain Golf Swing Flexibility

Often golfers think about getting more distance on their shots by increasing muscular power. Naturally to get more power you need some strength and muscle, so it may seem logical to go to the gym and pump iron to add yardage. But in golf it really doesn’t have to work that way. The most important thing to adding distance when swinging a golf club is flexibility, and to get more distance becoming more flexible is the real answer.

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Why Should You Choose a 3 Wheel Golf Trolley

Get justified for using a golf trolley during your golf course. Benefits and the best features of 3 wheel golf trolley is presented here.

Troubleshooting Starter and Engine Issues of a Petrol Single Seated Buggy

If you are using a petrol single seated buggy, it is obvious that the vehicle is likely to trigger starter and engine issues at any point in time even though you regularly maintain it. While some issues surface due to lack of maintenance, the rest are such that they can creep despite of good maintenance. Therefore, it will be unwise to think that regular maintenance prevents all starter and engine issues from cropping up.

Beliefs About Gas and Electric Golf Carts, Which Are Only Myths!

Know what you think of gas and electric golf carts. Most of what you think is wrong. Check more about the same.

Petrol or Electric Single Seated Buggy: Which One to Choose

If you are confused between a petrol and electric single seated buggy while making the right selection, consider it to be the time of applying some buying factors to eliminate your confusion. Whether you are a first time buyer or not, doing so can help you choose a more suitable buggy type. This is because it helps in mapping your requirements with the features and pros, which certainly makes you reach up to right model at the best price.

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