How to Tee up a Golf Ball | Correct Tee Height for all Clubs

How to Tee up a Golf Ball | Correct Tee Height for all Clubs. How to tee up a golf ball for irons is low. How to tee up a golf ball for a driver is high. How to set up a golf ball on a tee is spoken about in this video. How to properly tie up a golf ball with all clubs. How high to tee up a golf ball with driver, woods, hybrids and irons. How to consistently tee up a golf ball is important and can be practiced in your backyard. How to tee up a driver is the most asked question. How to correctly tee off in golf is underestimated by a few. How to tee off with a driver? Golf tee height for driver should be the tallest. Golf tee off tips all included. Golf tee explained in detail. Golf tee height 3 wood, golf tee height hybrids are all explained by Coach Shayain


Knowing the Golf Fundamentals will 100% make you a better golfer. Download for your step by step guidance with pictures for easy of understanding. Print it and put it in your golf bag so you can have it on the course or driving range for reference.

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00:00 Intro
00:33 Driver
01:58 How to Tee a Ball
03:23 Woods & Hybrids
04:36 Irons & Wedges

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